U2 Starts to Think "Me Too" to Rock Band

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If The Beatles can get their own version of MTV and Harmonix' Rock Band, then why not you, too?

Oh, sorry. I mean, "why not U2?"

That seems to be the recurring mindset among Bono, Edge, Larry Adam, and Adam Clayton, who bowed out earlier this year from talks with the developers to have their likenesses and songs featured in a special-themed version of the musical video game. But it seems that The Beatles' blast from the past may be just what is needed in order to change their minds.

"We definitely would like to be in there, but we felt some of the compromises weren't what we wanted," bassist Adam Clayton told USA Today. "That could change. I love the idea that that's where people are getting music, and we'd love to be in that world. We'll figure something out. What The Beatles have done, where the animation is much more representative of them, is what we're interested in, rather than the one-size-fits-all animation. We didn't want to be caricatured."

Clayton sounds confident, and it seems that whatever negotiations had to be made in order to make The Beatles a reality could soon pave the way for Bono and crew to take the virtual stage themselves. I wouldn't count on this being the last we hear about such a prospect.

source: via GoNintendo

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