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Surprise U2 charity gig wows fans

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Bono and The Edge of rock superstars U2 delighted fans when they made a surprise appearance at a charity gig.

The Irish pair played an unannounced four-song set, before just 250 people, for Mencap's Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel, in north London.

Referring to their bandmates, Bono joked: "Don't tell Larry (Mullen) and Adam (Clayton) we've done this."

BBC Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley, the event's curator, said the multi-million-selling duo "were actually nervous beforehand".

Whiley, who has helped curate a number of shows to raise funds for Mencap added: "Seeing them in a situation like this, in a tiny chapel, makes people realise just how great they are - worthy of all the praise they get."

Joshua Tree

The crowd were told about some "very special guests" by organisers, but had no idea who it would be until they walked out on stage. in conjunction with Facebook have released a sneak preview of the forthcoming Joshua Tree 20th anniversary re-release collection. "Wave Of Sorrow" is just one of the new tracks featured on the re-release and Bono himself sings and explains the song on a special video only featured to users of Facebook! Watch the 7 minute video below.

Bono: The Rolling Stone Interview

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The U2 frontman sits down for our 40th anniversary to talk about the future, the Buzzcocks and reasons to compromise.

Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone

What is your most cynical vision of the future?

That's a good one. I'm genuinely excited about the future, but it's clear that there's jeopardy. I don't know if you've read Martin Amis' short-story collection Einstein's Monsters. He's writing about the post-splitting-the-atom universe. In an essay at the start, he writes about feeling sick in his stomach because he can't escape the mathematical implications of there being all these nuclear weapons around the world and the odds of them going wrong. He's putting his kids to bed, and he just can't put that thought out of his head. He wrote that in the late Eighties or early Nineties, when there were vaguely organized control systems to hold back Einstein's monsters. What are the odds now?

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