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Fans queue overnight to meet U2

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By Mark Savage, Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Hundreds of U2 fans have queued overnight to meet their rock heroes, who were in London to launch their official biography.

After braving a stormy night on the streets of central London, 100 fans managed to secure tickets for the event, joining 150 competition winners from the band's website.

"My boyfriend came down just after midday yesterday," said Sunny Kang, 26, from London. "I met him at six o'clock in the evening and took over and I've been here ever since.

"It was pretty rainy but there was a good group of us, and I managed to get about half an hour's kip which was more than anyone else got."

U2's appearance was only announced on Thursday, and many of the band's devotees dropped everything to dash to London.

The Irish group were due to arrive at book-sellers Waterstones at midday but, in keeping with time-honoured rock tradition, they kept fans waiting for another hour before making an appearance.

Undeterred, the crowd gave them a loud cheer as they emerged from an elevator surrounded by security guards.

Green Day joins U2 at Abbey Road

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Earlier last week, U2 and Green Day were sighted on legendary Abbey Road posing for photographs for the cover of their forthcoming single, The Saints Are Coming, a classic 1978 post-punk song by The Skids. On hand to catch the moment on video was Bob Geldof, who was filming proceedings in the studio.

One fan was able to capture several minutes of the day's events and thanks to, we have blogged the video below for your viewing enjoyment.

U2 In Studio With Green Day and More

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by Brenda Clemons, U2 Station staff writer

After a long dry period, U2 are active again. Here's the latest:

Of great interest is the confirmation that U2 are in Abbey Road Studios working on a new album with producer Rick Rubin that they say will be released in 2007. (Although we all know how long it really takes U2 to record an entire album). At the Sarajevo Film Festival Bono told reporters, "Edge, right now, is on fire. He is really rockin. He is playing guitar like I've never seen him playing guitar. So, I like to think the best is yet to come."

It is confirmed that U2 are currently in the studio with Green Day. The two groups are collaborating on a cover version of The Skids song, The Saints Are Coming. Proceeds are going to Music Rising. Music Rising donates musical instruments to New Orleans musicians whom lost their possessions during Hurricane Katrina.

It is rumoured that U2 and Green Day will perform together during The September 25 New Orleans Saints home game. This rumour is unconfirmed.

The much anticipated book U2 By U2 is scheduled for release on Sept. 26. The list price is $26.37. The release date of the deluxe edition is scheduled for Dec. 1. The difference between the two is that the deluxe edition will be a limited number edition with a poster.

Bono Politics 101

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by Brenda Clemons, U2 Station staff writer

U2 have never been fearful of expressing their political views. Whether it is the political landscape of the Ireland they grew up in or Amnesty Internationals Conspiracy of Hope Tour; U2 have always been in the forefront of activism. Bono especially has been vocal--even going as far as using U2 concerts as a pulpit from which to preach his gospel. If you went to a concert or listen to the news, you have surely heard Bono speak of AIDS, The Millennium Challenge, and odious debt. But, what does it all mean? A person almost has to take a course in political science just to follow along with the dialogue. Here, I will try to simplify things in layman terms.

Odious debt and the Drop the Debt campaign: In 1999 Bono joined a social justice group known as Jubilee 2000. The idea was to have the debts of the worlds poorest countries forgiven by the year 2000. The worlds poorest countries are known as HIPC, or Highly Indebted Poor Countries. The name of Jubilee was taken from a Bible verse in which God commands that every 7 years would be a year of Jubilee (when monetary debts would be forgiven); thus giving everyone a new start. This gained the attention of religious leaders worldwide. Even the Pope joined the bandwagon proclaiming the year 2000 as a year of Jubilee.

During the cold war, rich nations loaned tons of money to struggling countries. These loans were usually given for political reasons and not out of a desire to help. The rich countries gave these loans not caring if the leaders were corrupt or if the loans were not used for the intended purpose. After the cold war, the rich countries pulled out (and most of the corrupt leaders); leaving the poor countries with no way to pay back the debts. Since the loaner country knew first hand that the countries they were loaning to had corrupt leaders and could not repay; those loans are considered by some to be illegitimate (or odious).

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