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By Patrick Healy, New York Times

One of the lead actresses in "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," Natalie Mendoza, who is still recovering from a concussion sustained during the musical's first preview performance, is leaving the production, according to two people who work on the show and who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Ms. Mendoza's representatives and the producers of "Spider-Man," a $65 million musical created by Julie Taymor ("The Lion King") and Bono and the Edge of U2, have been hammering out an exit agreement for several days, and an official statement is expected soon, the two people said. They said they were not sure why Ms. Mendoza was leaving the show, which is still in previews, but they noted that she was still recovering from a concussion and that the show was physically challenging. The two spoke on condition of anonymity because the producers have forbidden public comments, given that lawyers and others are still fine-tuning the language to explain Ms. Mendoza's departure, an artistic loss and embarrassing blow to the production.


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By Cathy Hayes, Staff Writer

Although the luxury hotel, Dromoland Castle in County Clare, is closed for Christmas the staff opened its doors for U2's Edge and Bono as they were stranded by a snow storm on Monday night.

The stars travel arrangements had been disrupted by the heavy snow and so U2's management contacted the 16th Century castle to see if they could accommodate some VIPs. A luxury suite in the hotel usually costs €950 a night.

The manager at the castle Mark Nolan told the Irish Independent "Principal Management told us the band had been flying back to Ireland from the latest leg of their tour in Australia. But because of snow their flight had been diverted to Shannon.

By Molly Muldoon, Staff Writer

Bono could be starting a Television career here in the U.S. after talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey expressed interest in giving that rock-star a show on her ne network.

Speaking to the New York Times, Oprah said she recently approached the Dublin man with the idea.

"I look at everything now through the prism of, 'This could make a very good TV show!' " Winfrey told the newspaper.

Oprah admitted that she approached the human rights activist and asked him: "Would you like a TV show?".

The musical didn't invent the dangers of showbiz

by David S. Cohen, Variety

Monday night's accident during a preview of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" prompted calls for the show to be shut down for good -- or at least for the tech effects to be scaled back.

It appears few of those raising those calls have actually seen the show, though. I have, and I have some thoughts about it.

First, Monday's injury and the three previous injuries suffered by the company during rehearsals and previews aren't a good reason to shutter the show.

And as for shrinking the show's technical effects, you might as well force "A Chorus Line" to be performed without dancing. It'd be a death sentence for the show.

Bono and the Edge were stuck in a moment yesterday and it wasn't a beautiful day -- thanks to Ireland's arctic weather.

Passengers on the 4.25 from Cork to Dublin were astonished yesterday to find Bono and The Edge lining up like the rest of them for seats.

The dynamic duo were trying to make it back to Dublin from Australia for the Christmas but found Ireland's weather conditions almost got the better of them.

Their flight from Perth, Australia was diverted to Cork Airport because of the snow storm.

U2 adds South American dates

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by Rob Evans, SoundSpike Editor

U2 has announced new stops in Argentina, Chile and Brazil, bulking up the band's already stuffed 2011 calendar.

The latest additions to the band's "360 Tour" are March 25 in Santiago, Chile; March 30 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and April 9 and 10 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The stadium rockers next play in the U.S. May 21 in Denver, and will follow that with more than 20 additional shows in North America through July.


By William Easterly, The Washington Post

The recent release of the Beatles' music on iTunes, coupled with the anniversary of John Lennon's tragic death in New York City 30 years ago this past Wednesday, has brought on a wave of Beatles nostalgia. For so many of my generation, growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, Lennon was a hero, not just for his music but for his fearless activism against the Vietnam War.

Is there a celebrity activist today who matches Lennon's impact and appeal? The closest counterpart to Lennon now is U2's Bono, another transcendent musical talent championing another cause: the battle against global poverty. But there is a fundamental difference between Lennon's activism and Bono's, and it underscores the sad evolution of celebrity activism in recent years.

Lennon was a rebel. Bono is not.

By Christian Tobin, Digital Spy News Subeditor has said that producing the new U2 album will be a milestone in his career.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman has signed to produce the next album from the 'With Or Without You' rockers, and expressed his excitement at joining up with the band in the studio.

"You talk about one day looking back at milestones in your career - working with those guys will be light-year stones," told The Sun. "I look at U2 and think, 'Wow, I hope our group can stay together that long and still make brilliant music.'

"And just being around Bono and the guys is inspiring. It's like how a government should be. Bono for president of the world, I say. I try and do good and my bit to help the world but Bono is on another level. My car's pretty cool but he has a spaceship."


By Tonya Turner, Online Entertainment and Confidential Editor, Herald Sun

THOUSANDS of Hamish and Andy fans were treated to a free mini U2 concert this afternoon when the band performed Desire and Vertigo live on stage at Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

The radio pair were performing their last national drive time show at the free event when the Irish rock stars made their surprise appearance while the boys were fooling around singing their own song, "We are better than U2".

Celebrating "pants-off" Friday, Hamish and Andy appeared on stage dressed in colonial style hats and jackets and short black boxers to begin the show

U2 then joined the duo on the couch on stage for a relaxed chat.

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