Bono set to star in Sing 2

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U2's final concert of the 2019 Joshua Tree Tour was historic and special, after a two and a half year run, over 70 stadiums, 22 countries, and 5 continents.

Watch some videos (thank you we've collected below from the Mumbai show on December 15:

...And here's the full audio from the show too:


SEOUL, Dec. 9 (Korea Bizwire) -- President Moon Jae-in lauded Irish rock band U2 on Monday for its continuing efforts to promote peace and help address various problems facing the world, as he met the leader of the group at Cheong Wa Dae.

"Since the unification of Germany, South Korean people's aspiration for peace and unification of the South and the North have become stronger," Moon said during the meeting with Bono.

Pool reporters were allowed to cover the first few minutes of the session.

He talked about U2′s first-ever concert in South Korea, which was staged at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul a day earlier. First lady Kim Jung-sook attended it.


"Generally when I open my mouth, people prefer if I'm singing," Bono said. "But on U2X RADIO, maybe they'll forgive me the odd interruption"

By Andy Greene, Rolling Stone

U2 are getting a channel devoted exclusively to their music on SiriusXM sometime next year. "[U2X Radio] will feature music from U2's acclaimed decades-long career," the company said in a statement. "Never before heard interviews and live concert recordings; favorites and surprises from the archive; band curated playlists sharing personal influences both new and old; plus content celebrating their Dublin roots and much, much more."

The band will join the Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Frank Sinatra and a handful of other artists that have their own channels on the satellite radio network. "Generally when I open my mouth, people prefer if I'm singing," Bono said in a statement, "but on U2X RADIO, maybe they'll forgive me the odd interruption."

In statements, the other members appeared ambivalent about the news. "I'm not entirely sure what this, is but what it isn't is an opportunity to hear some bass solos," Adam Clayton said. "U2 24/7. Welcome to the last 43 years of my life."


Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
World's biggest band bring Joshua Tree tour to Australia for first time, but the music shines brighter without added spectacle

by Ben Smee, The Guardian

It is hard to imagine a time when U2 was not a rock and roll monolith; even harder to recall the last time the band performed their music without the giant screens and props that have for decades turned its concerts into extroverted performance pieces.

The 2019 Joshua Tree tour - the third time U2 has toured the American-inspired 1987 album but the first in Australia - seems to present a romanticised version of the band's various reinventions. The first four songs at the Brisbane opening night of the Australian leg are early-career standards, performed on a small secondary stage with room for just four musicians and a smoke machine.

This is U2 stripped of the sort of pomp that has, in their most overblown moments, managed to relegate the music to the role of circus soundtrack. There is nowhere to look but the stage. Bono even has to resort to analogue stagecraft, looking and pointing to the front row more often than the twinkling lights at the back, engaging directly with punters in a way they likely haven't since the band's first decade.

Without the distraction of a spectacle, the music shines. Who knew stadium rock didn't need constant reinvention? The key ingredients seem to be a bass drum set to the level of a Napoleonic cannon and familiar galloping tunes the crowd can screech into the Suncorp Stadium void.

Bono was just featured on the Cry Power Podcast with Hozier a few days ago. Listen to the full podcast at this link and hear what Bono had to say about the next possible U2 albums (Songs of Ascent as well as a "straightforward f***off rock-and-roll album").

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