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Some interesting new information is emerging about U2's upcoming studio album, courtesy of the band's longtime producer, Daniel Lanois, and via Globe and Mail music reporter Brad Wheeler. In a series of Twitter messages, the journalist has been revealing some details Lanois recently shared with him about the project.

Wheeler says that Lanois, who isn't overseeing U2′s next album, tells him that Bono recently visited at his home in Los Angeles and treated him to a preview of some of the new tracks. According to Brad, Lanois says the album "sounds 'amazing' and 'big,' with some Achtung Baby adventurism."

As for his feelings about not working on the record himself, Lanois tells Wheeler he didn't mind, noting, "I don't know if I'd survive the experiment."


by Will Stabley, Stabley Times
(Originally posted March 1, 2013)

36.33088, -117.74527 marks the location of a dead tree and a metal suitcase. The inland California desert is sprinkled with countless Joshua Trees, but only one is singularly iconic. Made famous by U2 in 1987 in the photo sessions for the album of the same name, that one particular Joshua Tree has gone on to be immortalized in posters and banners for the past quarter century. U2 fans have pinned down its location over the years through trial and error, gradually determining that it's nowhere near Joshua Tree National Park, but instead hundreds of miles to the north, somewhere between Yosemite and Death Valley. It's located where the proverbial streets have no name, far enough out into the middle of nowhere that the only accurate way to convey its location is by the global coordinates above. So I head north out of Los Angeles into the desert the hopes of finding what I'm looking for.

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