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The Claw and the Pylon

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Greg sent us another video update with the pylon being configured on "The Claw".


U2's 360 Tour: Big Stage, Big Energy

Band also mixing up set list, keeping prices low

Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone

Openers On Select Dates: Snow Patrol,
Muse, Black Eyed Peas
Tickets $30-$253


Other artists may be scaling down for the recession, but not U2: Their first U.S. stadium tour since 1997's PopMart will be dominated by the largest set ever built for a rock concert, a monstrous stage nicknamed the Claw that will allow them to play in the round. "The crowd will be all around us," says the Edge, on a break from tour planning. "That energy will just make the performances fly." The band is selling some seats for as cheap as $30, as a nod to tough times and to make the shows accessible to young fans.

"We're talking about resurrecting songs we haven't played in a long time," Edge says. "I have a list of every U2 song -- some I can't remember anymore -- even some of the B sides that we've never played live. We were thinking how much fun it would be to play something like [Joshua Tree outtake] 'Luminous Times.' Certain songs from the last couple of tours, we may not play again. We want to find songs that feel fresh and valid."

© 2009 Rolling Stone

More "Claw" footage

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A U2 fan named "Constantine" (from Rotterdam) shot some pictures and more video of the assembly of the "Claw" for U2's 360° Tour in Werchter, Belgium.

Gearing Up for the Next Tour

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Looking at the clip of the 360 stage being built is such a teaser. I remember the first time I saw U2 in concert was during the ZOO TV tour. It was the stadium in Washington, DC. It rained and I had nose bleed seats. My friend got in line at 3 a.m. and we got tickets in the last row in the stadium. Not to mention that we were right next to the press box, which blocked most of our view of the stage. The only time I saw anything was when the band would come out on the cat walk.

The next concert I saw was during the PopMart tour and it was in the same stadium. By then I figured out how to get good seats. This time I was sitting right next to the cat walk. So, I got to see everything. up close. This was the show where it hailed and the screens were damaged. It was nice having the band "stuck" in DC for a few days, even if they did spend most of their time in a basement rehearsing.

Of course, since then I have seen them countless of times during the last two tours. Those shows were great, but I have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing them in a stadium again. Also, they are playing near me on my birthday. You can't get no better than that.

U2's "The Claw" Unveiled

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A U2 Fan named Greg Dirick shot this video in Werchter, Belgium yesterday evening. The Stageco Staging Group is creating U2's new stage design for the U2 360 Tour. This is the first known video of U2's new stage setup.

Additional video from May 21, 2009 can be found here:

Celebrities and Politics

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I remember back in the 80's Duran Duran got themselves in trouble when they took a shot at U2 by saying that entertainers are to entertain and not preach politics. Twenty some years later and U2 are still preaching politics.

By now, most of you have seen the Bono/Clooney interview that we have streaming. You may not agree with all that Bono has to say, but you can't deny the fact that he has managed to put himself in a position to meet with world leaders and has influenced much of what is being talked about. At the very least, he did not just stick his feet in the water and get out quickly. He stayed for the big waves.

I was glad to hear him mention Jubilee and the "Drop the Debt" campaign. I have volunteered for them off and on over the last 9 years. It was through Jubilee that I met Bono at a press conference. I'm not a Jubilee supporter because of Bono. But, I can't deny that it wasn't a thrill to meet him.

Should celebrities be in politics? I guess it depends on the celebrity and the politics. Jubilee was blessed to have Bono because he, along with Bob Geldof, helped us to get the attention of the mass media. The problem is that we shouldn't need cebebrity endorsements in order for people to take an interest in what is going on in Africa, or Haiti. People should care because its' the right thing to do. You can't just put the blame on the masses. We must also blame the editors of newspapers and magazines that don't want to put these issues on the front pages where people can see them, without there being a celebrity name attached to it.

Rolling Stone

You can always count on U2 to deliver eye-catching music videos, but with director Alex Courtes, the Irish rockers may have found their muse. Together, the pair has produced some truly wondrous, cinematic stunners, including 2004's "Vertigo" and "Get On Your Boots," the first single from the band's twelfth studio set, 2009's No Line on the Horizon.

But while "Boots" presented fans with a striking, green-screen rendered visual collage amid a captivating performance from Bono and company set in the cosmos, the four-and-a-half minute clip for U2's second single, "Magnificent," which debuted on the band's site this morning, utilizes the beautiful city of Fez, Morocco, as its backdrop.

It's A Great Day To Be A U2 Fan

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It is a great time to be a fan of U2. Both the band and U2station have exciting things happening.
As a blogger, I hope that I can both entertain you and inspire you to discuss all that is happening in the world of U2. I hope to hear your opinions, whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say.
The band remains as relevant as ever, as evidenced by their new album, "No Line on the Horizon." Both critics and fans agree that it is one of their best, yet. Of course, this was said about their last two albums. What other band, in the history of rock n' roll, continues to surpass their own limitations? No other band in their statue has been able to continue to release one critically acclaimed album after another. And, decade after decade, they continue to inspire us, their fans, to surpass our own limitations. I have been attending U2 concerts for over a decade and after each concert, I always hear at least one concert-goer proclaim that it was a spiritual experience.
Bono's lyrics are never dull. His words continue to both entertain and inspire. It seems that, after all these years, he still has not found what he is looking for. In a way, I hope he never does, because it is the uncertainty in his lyrics that I relate to.
Of course, lyrics alone don't cut it. U2 would be nothing without the rest of the band, Adam, Larry & the Edge. Together, they create the life force within the group. After 30 years, they still like each other and are obviously still inspired by one another.
With a new album and an upcoming tour, there is sure to be lots of excitement and many things to talk about. U2station has been following U2 through rock n' roll history for over a decade and we will be right here, along for the ride, for this piece of history. We thank you, our readers, for riding along with us.
Let's raise a toast to U2. Their music has been and continues to be the soundtrack to my life.

Chuck Hadad, AC360° Producer

My days are never boring as a producer at AC 360' but my latest assignment definitely goes down in the annals of producer history: shoot Bono interviewing George Clooney. Clooney is being honored by Time magazine as one of the world's 100 most influential people and Time asked Bono to write the profile. As Time's partner, we shot the interview and other famous pairings for an upcoming Time 100/Anderson Cooper 360' Special aptly titled "The World's Most Influential People."

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