Gearing Up for the Next Tour

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Looking at the clip of the 360 stage being built is such a teaser. I remember the first time I saw U2 in concert was during the ZOO TV tour. It was the stadium in Washington, DC. It rained and I had nose bleed seats. My friend got in line at 3 a.m. and we got tickets in the last row in the stadium. Not to mention that we were right next to the press box, which blocked most of our view of the stage. The only time I saw anything was when the band would come out on the cat walk.

The next concert I saw was during the PopMart tour and it was in the same stadium. By then I figured out how to get good seats. This time I was sitting right next to the cat walk. So, I got to see everything. up close. This was the show where it hailed and the screens were damaged. It was nice having the band "stuck" in DC for a few days, even if they did spend most of their time in a basement rehearsing.

Of course, since then I have seen them countless of times during the last two tours. Those shows were great, but I have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing them in a stadium again. Also, they are playing near me on my birthday. You can't get no better than that.

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i too am pumped! 34 days until the opening of the tour! i don't actually get to see them until chicago - 108 days, but i am very excited about the opening in Barcelona even if i won't be there. that is the day we all get to find out everything - the set list, how the stage works, how smoothly the ticketing and seating actually goes. that is when we really start getting ready for the show - at least all of us here in the US. i've never seen a stadium show before - i hope i have as good of an experience as you have!

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