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" For U2 fans who hold tickets for Spider-Man, there are a great deal of updates to share. Many statements have been issued in regard to the safety measures put in place:

■James Claffey, Jr. - President, Local One International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
■Rory Lancman, Chair of the New York State Assembly Subcommittee on Workplace Safety - Letter to Michael Cohl
■Julie Taymor's comments to The Hollywood Reporter
Patrick Healy's article in The New York Times extensively reviews what the new safety plan is, as well as reports on a private meeting lasting more than two hours held between the creators and producers of the show with the cast and crew.

Assemblyman Lancman will be talking to the press later today outside of the Foxwoods Theatre to expand on his five-point letter to Michael Cohl. He is also considering holding subcommittee hearings to investigate the safety concerns.

For now, there is every indication that the show will go on. As of today, actor Christopher Tierney is still in serious condition after surgery yesterday. There has been no official statement from Bono or The Edge at this time."[email protected]

This is the current shibang for the Broadway show Spider-man. I am not a big fan of marvel comics now, as I was a child. I actually have even grown out of liking to watch many movies...maybe it is a thirties phase. That all besides the point, I just think the marketing team of U2 is brilliant. This if anything seems like a well planned scheme to get the fans in such anticipation and give the show such a buzz (which in the start, there was little). I will say that U2 is one of the only bands who have taken their music down so many different avenues, treated their band like a business, and have succeeded at world recognition. Many could not do this without creative minds and business leaders in the team. I just want to point out to all those haters that snarf every time they hear U2..well just think of them as very talented businessmen and give them a little respect. If anyone sees the Broadway show when it finally comes out I would love to read and post some of the reviews from different perspectives.

Happy Holidays,

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