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Hello! Hello! ( Hola!) A newbie on board here. Warning: This will be long as I have a bad habit of jabbering on and on. Any who!

I thought I would come in and introduce myself to all you lovely people and give a little bet of info about me.

Now so you all know I'm new to this whole writing online thing, so bare with me, as I learn all this as I go. I'm no professional at this thing, but hey what the heck, I'm trying right?, It's better to try, than not do it all. Now before I start jabbering on and on, which is one of my bad habits. Let me introduce myself a bet.

My name is Crystal, some call me CJ, either one is fine me with, whatever you want to call me, go right ahead, just keep it nice ok?. Ha ha.

I'm from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I'm currently a full time college student studying zoo keeping technology ( Zoology) and hoping to get into journalism or something that involves music, one reason why I have jumped aboard to write here at U2station. Now I'm no pro at this, and sometimes my grammar and what not sucks, but if you understand it, and you like it ( or maybe not), that is what matters right?

Any who, I've been into music ever since I was a little girl, from singing, to dancing, to performing, and playing whatever I got my hands onto and I've been a U2 fan since I was a little girl, but didn't really start "religiously " following them until recently.

I've always loved their music growing up, in fact Rattle and Hum was my first cassette tape, Yes I said cassette for those young ins out there and the funny thing was it was given to me by my father by accident. He meant to get me some other band, that I can't remember whom at the moment's tape, but instead picked up Rattle and Hum. He had hope at the time I didn't notice that it wasn't the band he intended to get me, since I was about 4-5 years old, but I did notice it was different, but in a good way. I fell in love with the cassette tape, I would put in my stereo before I went to bed and fell asleep listening to Where the Streets Have No Name ( One of my favorite U2 songs), but as I got older I drifted away and started listening to what my friends listened to, which come to think of it now days I probably wouldn't touch what we listened to. Ha ha. But after a couple of years passed, U2 came back into my life, and they couldn't have came at a better time.

On September 10th,2001, my grandmother passed away. I was extremely close to her since I have lived with her and my father ever since I was a toddler. I didn't know how to react to her death, I was sad, scared, and probably angry all at the same time, and being 13 at the time, I really didn't want to show how I really felt, nor do I think I knew how at the time. The following day was also tragic, as my country was attacked. At the same time as my country mourned, I was mourning, at I know this sounds weird, but that was kind of a comfort to me, because I knew I wasn't the only one that was hurting, but still I couldn't really express how I felt and now not only was grieving about the death of my Grandmother, I was now grieving about what had happened to my country. I was running with a million emotions in my head, from why?, to what to do?, and what is going on.

A couple days later, I went to school, as everyone met up with their friends and did their daily chatting it up, I was the one alone, I didn't want to be around any one, at all. I went through the day not talking to any one, except this one girl in my reading class. I sat down next to her, as she had her headphones on, she seemed to me to be rocking out like crazy, than all of sudden she just went quiet and began humming a long to what she was listening to. I sat there and listened to what she is was humming, I perked up and leaned closer to her, and finally asked shyly, " what are you listening to?" She perked up very fast with a smile on her face, and said " I'm listening to U2!" "The best band ever!" and than she went back to listening to her music, and I taped her on the shoulder and asked, " May I listen?" " Sure!" She said, " you're gonna love it". As I listened, I started with Beautiful Day, I really like how it sounded, than it went onto Walk on, as I listened to the lyrics of Walk On I began to cry, it was exactly how I was feeling at the moment, than it went into I still haven't found what I'm looking for, again I began to cry and the girl goes. " Isn't their music beautiful?, it touches the soul so much". I just nodded with tears down my face.

A couple hours later I have gone home, the whole family was there since we all were still mourning about my Grandmothers death, as I sat there listening to everyone, I kept humming, Walk on. One of Aunt's came up to me and asked what I was humming I said, Some song by this band U2 and than she goes with excitement "U2?!", I looked up at her strangely and said lightly " Yes, U2" and she goes " I love U2", and we started talking about them.

The next day I went to school and met up with that girl, we headed to the school library to play on the computers before heading to class. We both were looking stuff up about U2, I started reading about Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry and I began to fall in love with them, but than, but than, I saw it the heart shaped stage, I was amazed by the look of this stage, and it also brought a peace to me, I can't really explain how that stage made me feel that way, but I ended up printing it off the computer, and drawing that stage with every chance I got, and of coarse I would steal that girls U2 cds so I could listen to them over and over in class. I was in love with U2, and their music was healing me and helping me get over my Grandmother's death and helping me see the world in a different way.

A few years later March of 2009 U2 came to the rescue again, my father ended up having to be rushed to the hospital with a splitting aorta, everyone was scared he wasn't going to make it and the doctors even said he'll be lucky if he did. There wasn't anything they can do for my father since his heart was weakened for a few years back after having a massive heart attack and having to have quad triple bypass heart surgery.

As everyone around me began to go crazy, preparing for the worst, I went to music to heal me. At first it wasn't U2, it was just random bands all together, but it wasn't doing it for me. I began to get depressed, and shut myself off preparing for the worst for my father. As I went home for a couple of hours, I had put on the tv, I kept seeing this commercial for the cable company and which kept playing Get on your boots, at first I was like thats a strange song, but than it began to grow to me. I couldn't stop singing it, and couldn't stop stay saying " The Future Needs a Big Kiss". It went on and on in my head, and every time I heard it, I couldn't catch who the artiest was. So I ended up going on line and looking it up. Turned out to be U2. I was like " Oh my God, you got to be kidding me, U2?!" and than I went out to buy No Line On the Horizon.

As I popped it in the cd, I began to go yet again in another world, I was at peace as I went though the songs, Moment of Surrender, White as snow, Magnificent, and so on. I began to feel like my soul was being heal, my faith began to build up, and I began to have faith my Dad was going to make it, even if all odds were against him.

A few days later I went to see my Dad, he was sitting up in his hospital bed cracking jokes with the nurses, and when I came in he smiled at me and went "baby girl, I'm going to make it", I smiled so big, ran to him and held on to him and began to cry in relief. I also had my portable cd player in my hand. My Dad asked " what are you listening to?" and I replied "Believe it or not Daddy, U2. They got a new album out, and it's beautiful" and he goes " Oh, let me listen", and I handed him the cd player, and he too just went into his own world particularly during Moment of Surrender.

U2's music has healed me so much it's amazing, words can't not express it, even though I wrote a novel here. I'm excited to be on board u2station and I hope I'll be able to write some good stuff for your guys.

In the mean time, that is my story on how I became a U2 fan.

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