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I've been sitting here for the past two hours, going through my oodles of YouTube footage I've saved, trying to figure out a theme for this week's entry.

Well, I've decided to fuck the theme and go with random stuff this week...roll with it.

I want to start with perhaps one of my favorite interviews of all time, it's a shame I can't imbed the first bit here, but it's worth checking it out...

"A Grand Madness"
Part 1
Part 2.

First of all, it's a great interview. U2 aren't allowed to answer the same old questions that we've all heard them answer. But the set, random peacock walking around, the throne...Adam saying the album sounds like "Garbage" and everyone giving him shit. He meant the band! The best quote though?
Chris: "Who's going to live longest, out of the four of you?"
Bono: "It's obvious...it's Dorian Gray over here". *points to Larry* "There's a really ugly oil painting somewhere..."
Wikipedia - The Picture of Dorian Gray For those of you who don't have a clue what the reference is...knowing the story makes it funnier, trust me.

Anyway, I love the campy U2 attitude around Pop. I know that whole era gets a lot of shit, but really, it was fun. And there was some quality music that came out of it.

But really, how can The Edge singing Neil Diamond wearing THAT outfit not be awesome?

Now if I could only get him to sing some Barry Manilow and life would be complete.

Speaking of The Edge, I think the guy doesn't get a lot of vocal cred. Who's the one who sings the high notes because Bono can't anymore? Edge. Who sings one of my favorite lines in "Miracle Drug"? Edge. I found this in my YouTube travels and was impressed...nevermind that Bono dude, listen to the Edge after Bono leaves stage!

"Without The Edge, we are in trouble..."

There is no video to this...but who needs it? This is from a live performance Edge and Bono did in 2003. If I may gush for a minute...there is so much fucking awesome in this clip, just wow. Bono's vocals at the end and Edge's guitar are spot on. I probably would have pissed myself if I were in that audience. Note to self: always wear diapers to a U2 show in case of random epic moments. /end gushing

I want to end this entry on a "what the fuck" note...because I'm like that.

Can't embed this one...but it's fan made video featuring clips of the band saying profanities. It also features Bono kissing his wife and looking utterly twitterpated afterwards and exclaiming "Holy shit." I agree.

Till next time...xoxo

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thanks so much - those videos are truly enjoyable!!

Whenever I listen to Night & Day I wish there was video available because is on fire. Oh, and Bono doesn't sound too bad either.

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