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No Line On The Horizon- In my opinion
I know this is a bit late considering they are already touring for this album, but I figured hey... better late than never, right? I hope that maybe I will pose a different view being that the Cd has had its time to really grow on me and sink in (which is when I prefer to tear it apart and analyze each song). I know immediately whether the music pulls me into its realm of possibilities, but it's hard to truly love it until it has rubbed off its magic. For a bit of familiarity of where I stand on U2's music here are several standing points. I love almost every song, not really one I can say that I hate, But top of the list songs are; Bad, walk to the water, and North and South of the river. I would say I'm a B-sides fan. I am more passionate about the work only major fans appreciate, and know about, and the radios don't play. I love Million dollar hotel, Passengers, and Both B-sides albums. My favorite Duo is Bono with the Corrs "When the stars go blue".

And now without further adieu is the review.....

No Line On The Horizon. Well first of all a great powerful start to the CD it catches the listener right away. The lyrics are brilliant and you get Bono's typical oooo's and ohhhhs. There is group initiative in the chorus, which is carried out through the Cd in many songs. On this Cd the majority of bono's stories seem to represent a third persons' point of view. I find this interesting, in such a case I find it is so much harder to put emotion into something you are imagining instead of experiencing. The vibes of unity and of Africa are definitely in the rhythm and the soul of this album and they chose an excellent song to start the musical journey with. I think that NO LINE ON THE HORIZON is a definite message to their fans that in this world we can all go wherever out dreams take us. As in turn there seems to be no line in the horizon for the future of the band either, they will simply keep foraging on as long as they are needed, which in my mind they are still highly contributing to the music world today.

Magnificent. This song carries the lyrics of a powerful relationship. It carries you through a very strong melody and painful message. This is the song I think should have been the first single. It is the most passionate song on the CD. It is a great representation of what is in store for the listener (a passionate, soulful, spiritual, rhythmic, and gospel journey, but with that rock edge to it.). "Only love can leave such a mark." Need I say more. The slow break and then it carries you away, then it brings you back it to the harsh reality of the lyrics. Beautiful music with a deep almost heart wrenching message.

Moment of Surrender. This is the perfect song to follow magnificent. It slowly lifts you into a good beat and lets you recover a bit from the last powerful message. Then as bono starts to sing you are taken to another level of spiritual lessons, and reminded what U2 is all about and capable of. They reach into your soul and remind you what life and music and the world is trying to teach us all.

I've been in every black hole
At the altar of the dark star
My body's now a begging bowl
That's begging to get back, begging to get back
To my heart
To the rhythm of my soul
To the rhythm of my unconsciousness
To the rhythm that yearns
To be released from control

My suggestion is to just surrender yourself to the lyrics, the melody, and the beat and let it carry you away to a place where you will contemplate change in yourself and the world.

Unknown Caller . Edge starts out in his high voice and leads the listener into a mellow beginning and slowly carries you into another third persons view. Then as bono plays the individual contemplating his sanity. U2 does something different with the lyrics; in unity they all toss out these messages. I think it gives this outer space, spirituality type feeling , like floating amidst all these theories and questions. Its funny; seems like this person (Bono plays the role of) is in a place in his life he doesn't know which direction to turn and this inanimate object is telling him the answers or just giving him the motivation to go on. Great message, I think we all need a push now and again. The answers are all around us we just need to listen. Bono keeps bringing us back to this mental contemplation the individual has. I believe they give the group message more power because they are all shouting it compared to bono's character is alone in his thoughts. Very interesting concept and I think they made it work.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight. I love the start to this song. Edge nailed this. Boom you are hit with bono's preaching like lyrics, which I believe this tone in the beginning works for the message; the sound of a ranting man. Then he gets you with his passionate chorus and off goes Edge with his creative sound again. Larry's beat really holds this one together. A strong beat when there is a ton of long prominent riffs going on is well put here. I believe it just holds the glue of the song. For me Edges' sound makes this one what it is.

Get On Your Boots. THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE SINGLE. I don't hate this song at all. In fact I think it has a great beat. It's very melodic. It's just a poor representation of what the cd is all about. If I didn't know any better I would say this song was left over from the Vertigo Cd. So, If it were me, ( which honestly my opinion means squat) I would not even include this song on the Cd. On a Positive note I love the part LET ME IN THE SOUND ( which is in Fez so I can live without It here), the riffs are creative and the strong beat that Adam and Larry provide is powerful. The song just doesn't work for me on this CD though. No African vibes in this one either which I think the CD carries strong throughout except this song interrupts that.

Stand Up Comedy . Larry kicks this one off which is always great to see the drummer catch some of the limelight. Edges' riffs are very prominent in this and catchy. I love the lyric "stop helping god across the road like a little old lady." This song exudes the most powerful message for the world. This song is a great end of the climactic middle of the Cd. A great message with an upbeat sound.

Fez -- Being Born This song is the highlight of the Cd for me. Long musical intro of confusion and sound. Then on goes this dramatic beat and rhythm that makes you jump into the song. Adam's beat is very strong and solidifies the rhythm through the chaos and carries it through to the end. The calming voices take you back into the rhythmic softness of the song. The music and the lyrics just marry together so well. I just don't think they could have done this one any better. This song takes you into the last segment of the CD very well. It is a great transitional song and I think there is no better place for it to be in the CD than here.

White As Snow. This song may represent the belief that we all came from the same place (Africa) and now look at how different we have all become. In the beginning of the song he speaks of unity as a brotherhood representation of one nation and one continent. In the end of the song which I believe represents now, we all fight for ourselves (wolves)and force separation and grouping.

As boys we would go hunting in the woods
To sleep the night shooting out the stars
Now the wolves are every passing stranger
Every face we cannot know

The beat and the lyrics are a contradiction in my view. The beat and melody is soft and peaceful but the lyrics represent defiance and opposition. This is greatness in writing music and lyrics in which they don't even run the same way, but again U2 makes it work and it is even more triumphant in its message.

Breathe. Soft beginning and slowly carries you into the melody. Which is in my opinion what a song should do at this phase in the CD. It is getting you ready for the end of the CD. This one also carries heavy, meaningful content in the lyrics.

Every day I die again, and again I'm reborn
Every day I have to find the courage
To walk out into the street
With arms out
Got a love you can't defeat
Neither down or out
There's nothing you have that I need
I can breathe
Breathe now

The sound, the beat it all ties together well and I love the keyboard edge has added along with his powerful riffs, and it's amplified by Larry's persistent beat. Adam, throughout plugs away in the background and holds the glue together, while some instruments stray off and come back to join the group.

Cedars Of Lebanon. Slowing it down we've come to the last song. This song sums up the CD in its entirety. It still carries the strong messages. All the group joins in the lyrics again but this time it is soft and mellow. Slowly letting you drift off. Bono still speaks his heavy weighted lyrics but his tone is more relaxed and not as powerful. Like he is promoting, I did my job in the previous song and this is just that last reminder to you what I want to say. Tweaked amazing echoing sounds come from the edge here and there which we all love and expect. The beat and rhythm has a strong African sound and the chorus is sung like a church Hymn, which I think fits well here to sum up the CD.

I believe this Cd appeals to most of the fans like me who love the B-sides and less advertised music of U2. Maybe this is why this album didn't do as well as the last because of its appeal to us....the few. This is probably the Cd I am most pleased with since any of the B-side work. I'm very impressed that they made this an independent CD without a greatest hits attached to it. It defiantly doesn't need it, as in my mind, neither did most of the songs on the other B-sides albums.

All of this in its entirety is purely my opinion. No one's views were stated but mine. Hope that it made some fans see a different point-of-view, or created kinship in that you are not alone in how you feel about the music of U2.

Thank you to all who made it this far!

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great review! i don't agree with some of your thoughts, but i agree that it is a great album.

Well if we all agreed it would be a rather boring world....Thanks for reading it. ;)

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