Norton hails 'humble' Bono


Hollywood star Edward Norton has praised the 'humbling' efforts of crusading rocker Bono - because he can work with people he doesn't like.

The U2 frontman and anti-poverty campaigner is hailed for his ability to shed personal prejudices to progress the causes he champions.

And the Fight Club star insists Bono's courageous behaviour should be an example to all.

Norton says: "I've been pretty impressed with him. It's very enlightened to choose to seek as much positive connection as he does, even with the people who are the instruments of these terrible terrible policies.

"In essence it's 'turn the other cheek', 'hate the sin and love the sinner', which is a lot more forgiving - more Christian, more Buddhist - than a lot of these things these more radical people talk about.

"It's saying, 'You're still my brother, I still want you in on this with me, even if I disagree with you. I'm going to find some common ground.'

"It's humbling to realise the degree to which we all indulge in anger, in response to these things. It's humbling to realise that the people who have affected real change embraced their adversaries.

"You realise what courage that takes, because it's easier to be angry."

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what a nice thing to say!

Let's see...One movie actor (celebrity, Edward Norton) thinks another celebrity (Bono)is humbling a great cause. Will Edward Norton please get Bono to give us our money back from U2's postponements for ten shows? Or maybe millionaire Norton can give us our money and time back. Bono's and Norton's words mean nothing unless they truly care about their fans. So when are the new re-scheduled concert dates?

I believe they are working hard to get those last 10 concert dates re-scheduled starting in November. Yes, they are famous, wealthy rock stars, but they are also fathers. It would be absurd to ever expect them to put their fans first, before their children. I know it's frustrating, but hang in there. U2 would NEVER rip their fans off. They will be back, and you'll be rewarded for your patience with an extraordinary show you'll always remember. Peace :-)

I deeply beleive that u2 would never cancel a concert if it was not concerning something very important and close to their hearts, after all is this not the very reason we love them and are their fans to begin with , because of their integrity. and love of family, friends despite their fame and poularity. my deepest respect to them because it can not have been an easy choice...

Helen you talk way to much trash to be a u2 fan .. The Concert will be re-scheduled dont u worry.. Hey I booked a $3000 trip to Hawaii and it was non refundable... I'm not bitching , I just had a fantastic week in Hawaii... And I can't wait to go back in November.. Keep the love up..


To Justin, I am glad you could afford the $3000. But my wife Helen is paying high medical bills for an eventually terminal disease. This would have been the last concert that she could have been able to see. U2 won't be back in November...where did you get that rumor?

You and I have great empathy for Sian and Edge...well, where is the empathy for my wife. We truly want Sian to get 100% better. But Bono just hasn't been telling us the total truth and he's not going to reschedule.

Also Justin, learn spelling and grammar if you want to proclaim your idolization of U2.

Everyone can have opinions. Yes we were U2 fans for over 27 years. Yes they are a good band. but a lot of people lost a lost of money.

Actually Greg, Justin has alot of guts paying $3000 and it doesn't sounds like u r a fan of U2. When u said "we were U2 fans", its means to me that u guys arem't fans anymore. Controversy call right there, huh. I'm 14 years old just became a fan in Jan. and I have alot of faith in U2 that they will come back in November. That rumor is true and was actually said by Bono in the Australian interview. He said, "Hopefully when everything will be alright, we will come back in November." People didn't lose any money because there is always refunds or concerts to be remade.

For sweet naive Monica: No, there are a lot of hotels and airlines that do not refund money. If you were older or more experienced then you would know this.

What is it with U2 fanatics that you can't spell or use grammar correctly??

U2 will not reschedule their Vertigo concerts. Justin doesn't have guts, he is just a rich kid who can throw his money around. You really need to grow up and pick heroes who deserve your admiration. Watch "United 93."

In the meantime, my wife who was a U2 fan longer than you have been alive is dying and since the U2 concert was so callously "postponed" (cancelled), my wife,Helen has lost her last chance to see a U2 concert alive.

Greg I am sorry for your anger and frustration.
I don't beleive U2 was callous in their decision to take care of family matters first.

I'd like to know what connections you have to know U2 won't reschedule. It is a huge assumption on your part to claim Justin is just a rich kid throwing his money around. Maybe he chose to go and make the best of a less than ideal situation.

Why is it that noone considered purchasing trip cancellation insurance to safeguard their investment? It's relatively inexpensive starting at $75 and up depending on the cost of your trip.

May you find peace in a difficult situation.

While I understand your frustration, Greg, and my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family, your anger seems to be misdirected. How much money did you actually lose by the concert being postponed? I see your email address is here in Hawaii and I wonder if you are here in the islands, or somewhere far away. Did you have airline tickets or hotels booked? Or were you going to drive to the stadium or perhaps fly from a neighbor island?
Monica was probably referring to the CONCERT TICKETS being refunded, not hotels or airlines. I read on another message board that Ticketmaster was indeed giving refunds for the tickets that people could not use anymore. While airlines do not give refunds anymore, you can almost always cancel and keep the credit with them for up to a year, plus a fee to rebook.'re out maybe a couple hundred dollars? It seems a small amount to be so angry about, especially with your wife so ill. Relax, enjoy the time you have left and let it go. It's not worth getting so worked up. It's only money.
BTW, it's useless to criticize people's grammar in message boards and on the internet in general. No one will listen or change so you might as well just live with it.

Greg - I have never posted here but due to your rude attitude I find the need to. I am sorry to hear about your wife but the attitude that both of you are showing towards the band is odd.

Something happened and they had to cancel. You can get your money back, it was reported you have a choice to keep your ticket and wait or you can get a refund. If you are so angry with them, why do you still feel it is should be the last concert your wife could ever go to? If you are that angry with them, why would you still want it to be? If you are such big fans, why wait until now to see them?

To also act the way you did towards Monica is also rude. She was stating that you could get a refund for your concert tickets which is true. She did not mention hotel or airfare, you sound like the naive one here...

Why pick on someone for having money? Is it wrong for someone to have money? Why was the postponement of the shows "callous"?

Also picking on people's spelling is a little childish don't you think?

Seems like your priorities are a little off there...

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