U2 May Have to Work with UH


by Derek Paiva, Honolulu Advertiser

The final 10 shows of U2's Vertigo tour will be rescheduled for November, vocalist Bono told Australian television yesterday. But a fall date for Honolulu will have to accommodate football at Aloha Stadium.

According to U2's Web site, www.u2.com, the band hopes to make an official announcement on specific dates soon.

The Vertigo tour's final shows, including an Aloha Stadium date on April 8, were postponed last week when an immediate family member of someone in the band fell ill. Honolulu fans were advised to hold onto their tickets and wait for a new date.

Bono commented about rescheduling the postponed shows on Australian Broadcasting Corpo's Enough Rope TV show, saying that he didn't want to leave the country without confirming the band's intention to make up the shows.

"I can't really get into details why," Bono said, regarding the family illness that postponed the dates. "The good news is I think I can announce tonight we are coming back. Looks like November, and that's a great relief to me."

Bono did not say which U2 member's immediate family member was ill but said, "Our music does come out of (a) very tight community. So if one of us is going through it, we're all going through it."

Last week's postponement affected U2 shows in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Hawai'i.

Aloha Stadium Authority spokesman Patrick Leonard said he had not yet heard from the band's management about rescheduling the Honolulu show or specific dates that could be in play.

"But we'd have to know what date they were looking at, because almost every weekend in November has UH football," Leonard said.

University of Hawai'i football home games are scheduled for the stadium on Nov. 11, 18, 25 and Dec. 2. After that, stadium dates are available until the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl on Christmas Eve.

A U2 concert on a UH football home game week in November would have to be scheduled to allow time for concert stage setup and breakdown between the Warriors' Saturday games.

The stage and seating layout would also have to be modified to accommodate the stadium's football configuration instead of the baseball configuration originally set for an April 8 concert.

The configuration change would affect vantage points for some fans holding reserved seats, Leonard said, and would create a narrower field that would alter the space for fans holding general admission tickets.

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I have had it with this egomaniacal band U2. It's been two weeks since they "postponed" their tour.

In one of his recent rare interview he even had the gall to make nasty jokes about Australia and New Zealand. I lost a lot of money with Hawaii being canceled. Perhaps Bono should reimburse me.

U2 are trailer trash that luckily made billions of dollars. But they are still trailer trash

I'm looking foward to catching U2 this time around simply because my wife who has never had the chance to see them will be joining me. After constant talk of a U2 concert being somewhat of a religious experience, i've convinced her that this would be a concert she would remember for the rest of her life. I do hope that they make it back to Hawaii in November/December 2006. She's become a huge fan and can not wait to expeience a U2 show with me. I have been fortunate enough to see the band 5 times in the New York area where I'm from originally and have many fond memories. I can't wait to add some more!!! I LOVE U2!!!

I've seen U2 in Amsterdam and i find them great!What Bono is doing in Africa,i could not do,but he can becouse he is in the positsion to do it.And i hope he will do it for many years.And even i hope he will make good music to for many many years!!

How dare you call U2 "trailer trash", obviously you dont know the meaning or understand the message behind their music. You dont deserve to see them anyway!!! Hawai'i was not canceled , the show is postponed!!! True U2 fans are upset but can understand when a family member is very ill (a child) it isnt taken lightly....so lighten up!!!!!

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