Bono Jokes New Son 'Looks Like Thug'

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5.22.01 - ITN

U2 star Bono has become a dad for the fourth time and joked that his newborn son "looks like a thug".

The child, who has yet to be named, was born on Sunday night within 20 minutes of Bono's wife Ali being driven to a Dublin hospital.

Bono flew back from the North American leg of the band's tour to be with his wife, and the group even shifted some of the dates in an effort to avoid clashing with the birth.

He told Irish radio station 2FM, "I'm really just very, very excited."

"I've had quite a few days of excitement - more than I would have liked, just trying to get home for the baby."

"We walked off stage in Chicago went straight to the airport and got home to a very cool customer. Y'know Ali is very relaxed and very chilled out and `what's all the fuss'. She was great."

He said Ali "roared like a lion" when she was giving birth.

Of his son Bono laughed, "He looks like a bullet. He looks like a thug".

The rock idol paid tribute to the nurses at the hospital and said, "They passed the baby to me and he opened his mouth and I thought he was going to do one of those things they do where they just scream - and he just yawned."

"He's a very cool customer. He looked around at the world and was bored already."

It makes a pretty large family for a rock star, with two boys and two girls at the Bono residence.

Their daughters are Jordan, 11, and Eve, 9, and their son is Elijah who is nearly two.

"I really am the happiest man and in awe of those nurses and mothers," he said.

The millionaire music star, who is scheduled to continue with the band's Elevation Tour later this week, said they would try to work out the baby's character before naming him.

"I just want to kind of get a grip on the baby and pick up on what he is. What I'm getting is that he's like a bank robber."

"I'm quite high at the moment - I don't know which end is up. I'm just amazed to be so blessed."

"Things are going so well with the band and to have this work out now - two boys and two girls - I feel really, really blessed."

U2 have had something of a renaissance in recent years, with their hit album All That You Can't Leave Behind bringing a raft of new hit singles and heralding a return to their old fashioned rock format.

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