Bono On Oprah?

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4.30.01 - dotmusic

Bono is set to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show with Nelson Mandela, as he continues his crusade to wipe-out Third World debt.

The U2 frontman has upped the ante in his mission to cut debts owed by the world's poorest nations, as the Irish rock superstars continue their American tour.

Speaking during a press conference in California, Bono said he felt the Jubilee 2000 campaign had so far been a failure.

Despite playing a key role in the axing of debts from 22 out of 41 targeted countries, he insists there is plenty more work to do: "We're going to get to the heartland in some way on this," he explained.

"There is a scandal in that one of the widest movements for any issue like this since the anti-Apartheid movement feels let down they feel after all their campaigning they haven't achieved the results they're looking for."

During the conference, Bono said he had a "feeling" that new US President George W. Bush would be supportive of the campaign.

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