U2 Invents The End Of The Century Rock

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On June, 18th 1995, Bono gave his last interview for the The XPress newspaper... Now, on September, 11th 1996 a new interview comes straight from Dublin... Bono talks to Zoro Hora, a Brazilian local newspaper. I'm gonna transcript it here. So, sorry for any English misunderstanding...it's hard to translate everything... :) On the front cover, a huge Bono pic with the announce: "The Irish Dreamer - Bono exclusively talks about the new U2 record" The interview appeared in the middle of the newspaper with the title: "U2 INVENTS THE END OF THE CENTURY ROCK" In an exclusively interview, Bono talks about the new record of one of the biggest bands ever!

By Fabiano Golgo

In italic, comes a brief introduction:

" U2 Started in 1976, in Ireland. At that time, it was just another garage band that came from the British punk scene. Sex Pistols was the best example of success. But Bono Vox didn't trust Sid Vicious' "purity" and company, and started doing a political rock, looking forward to causes that afflicted his country that was over English command. The success started in the beginning of the 80's and U2 became one of the most important bands of the decade. In the 90's, Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen jr and Adam Clayton got together again with Brian Eno and started a new style, sounded like Dance Music yet Rock'n'Roll. Now, with DJ Howie B - announced as a 'fifith member' by bassist Adam Clayton - U2 prepares to release a new album full of new things... The date is not yet confirmed. The first single is named "Discotheque", but it's not yet confirmed also. Informal and gentle, Bono Vox, lead vocalist, gave an exclusively interview to Zero Hora, while they're still recording the new U2 album."

ZH: Ok. Let's go straight to the point: when U2 is going to release the new album? BONO: I don't know... In the beginning, our plan was to release it in October, then December and now I don't think we're gonna to be able to release it 'till February.

ZH: You have 30 tracks... BONO: Yes, that's what it seems...

ZH: Why the delay? Creative divergence? BONO: No. The group is more united than ever! The real problem is to give the final verdict to each track, to get what we want to. Ya know, it's a creative process, so you need some time to get it real done. We've been working on it based in the inspiration of each band member. That's why it's hard to predict a release date. About the single release, it's a record company decision...

ZH: U2 is working with Nellee Hooper and Howie B. This partnership with the producer who changed the Smashing Pumpkins sound and the one that works with Bjork points a new way for U2's music again? BONO: Definitely. We explore new ways of showing our music. With Brian Eno, our style changed a lot. Now, we're going to introduce a new concept of Rock'n'Roll for the end of the century.

ZH: New forms of music, new concepts, art against product. Is U2 trying to show that the band is not just another bunch of top 10 superstars? BONO: Despite the snobbism of my answer, I'm not going to be a liar and deny that we do have deep wishes in terms of creation then to be just another band. We already reached the success we wanted. It doesn't make any difference now. And, as musicians, we are able to explore all the possibilities.

ZH: Def Leppard complained about the "band of the 80's" treatment, while U2 and REM do not receive this kind of adjective. What kind of answer they deserve? BONO: They might not have realized that REM and us grew up in terms of sound. Def Leppard is still the same band of the past.

ZH: Back to the new album, how is it going to sound? BONO: I have been saying it's "trip-hop". When released, you're gonna understand why. It's also a kind of visit to the "fat Elvis" time.

ZH: Elvis, by the way, influenced your career even more than the real rock preceding myths that were black Americans. Was Elvis Presley the white answer to conquer the North-American market? BONO: No, I used to listen to everything. From blues to Frank Sinatra, but Elvis was a kind of obsession. He wasn't just a poor white caricature well-behaved as many that American phonograph industry released at that time. He was a real pioneer and a great artist for what he contributed to build the rock culture. I became a kind of Elvis specialist. I've been called many times to talk about his journey in "history of Rock'n'Roll" documentaries. And, in our new album, I'm letting come out a few from what I've learned with his work.

ZH: The new album delay has upset lots of fans thirsty for new 'sound trips' into U2's vibration. BONO: Our care is with quality. We don't get nervous to place a date to restart recording, 'cos it must come naturally. It depends on our feeling and in what we do have to offer. Eventually, we appeared with new recordings in the last 3 years. This comes naturally... they're the result of our lives. Edge's got his own projects, I've got mine and "Mission: Impossible" is the proof that Larry's got his.

ZH: Hey! I'm feeling a kind of disagreement here... BONO: No! I liked the movie! I'm just saying that they're a different kind of work. And that you can't say it's a U2 work. In fact, we do not have a main kind of work. Each time we get together, our lives passed by different situations and our cultural knowledge changes too. Then, we get everything together and mix it. That didn't use to happen in the time we did our first 3 records. In that time, we were more together to understand reality. As we grew up and life conduced us, we lost that simplicity to make concepts for reality... everything got more confusing. Everything gets bigger and sometimes we have to stop to realize what's happening and go on. Life is a mental and sensorial adventure.

ZH: You're changing concepts. We say young people have to learn about reality not to be confused. BONO: Perhaps what adults post-35 don't have today is that courage to experiment new things and keep changing. Then, they stay in a mentally more confortable place, getting used to it. And to young people, the capacity to live the life consciously. When you're 20, and you got a personal success, you try to get more definitive answers. Then, later, you realize that nothing is absolute. And, when I was 20 I saw myself with answers... age gave me more deepness and now I understand that I don't understand anything. That's a interesting trip, because, this way, I'm not going to stay anywhere... I keep travelling...

This is the end of the first part of the interview. Any doubts, please, email me and I'll try to explain what it is. Then, comes another title saying:


- - At the end of the interview, Bono talks about playing in Brazil, his other projects and the problem of heroine in the world of Rock'n'Roll.

ZH: Between your projects is a soccer team? BONO: I bought just a part of a soccer team...

ZH: What about your relationship with Oasis pop stars? BONO: I chose being with them, 'cos I noticed a great talent in them. The things that were published about my presence in their shows and doing publicity for them are silly. They don't need my help to be noticed. I just admire their work. The idea of liking something popular be a problem is beyond my comprehension.

ZH: And the rumors about breaking up with Ali? BONO: I'm well-married, thanks!

ZH: Heroine is coming back to the rock scene... BONO: I'm worried about heroine being fashion again. It's a very dangerous drug. It's for suicides. I think every human being uses some kind of drug... can be sugar, chocolate, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, coffee and even other kind of addictions such as sex or extreme competion in sports, etc. It's part of our human condition to make use of substances or activities that make pleasure. The problem is that many people do not rationally distribute their many ways to feel pleasure. That's why you need lots of activity to make you want to reach real satisfaction. This way, you're not going to do things that only gives you pleasure for one day or for some time. The problem it's not the drug, but the abuse. The abuse of anything is bad. Even water. And the stupid people always will exist to abuse substances that just contribute to make we feel something different. About heroine, the big problem is that it do not let you make any choice. It's a stupid drug, it stops any other activity of the person. The guy starts living for the next hit. It's a shame that it became fashion. It's the same thing as if jumping from buildings without parachutes became fashion...

ZH: What about movies? There is a rumor you're going into a film career a la Sting... BONO: A la Sting(laughs).... No, I know my place. It's obvious I like visual arts, from TV to paintings, from movies to computers. But I think it is more rational to navigate between them then dive into them. I like to make an original partnership between music and image, but I don't want to go ahead in that, I don't want to became an actor... I will invest in some productions, depending on time and money, but my place is offstage. Sting is the gallant...

ZH: Is Brazil on the list for the next tour? BONO: I have some nice Brazilian friends and I always knew a lot of things about Brazil, but the tour department is out of my control. I would like to tour in a lot of Brazilian cities, because I know the quality of our fans there. The problem is the cost that made some troubles to send the Zoo TV to Brazil. The stuff was extremely expensive to send there. The price of the ticket would have been absurd for the country. Depending in what we're going to create for the next tour(IF there's going to be a tour), I'm going to try to land in the land of the world champions...

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