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Wednesday, July 25th 1996 5:00PM EDT - 7:15PM EDT

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Melon - U2 SL It is my great pleasure to introduce Dave Fanning, who, as Ireland's most respected DJ at radio station 2FM has interviewed U2 many times since they first hit the music scene. Many of you have heard some of these interviews, such as the Nude Interview and the U2 Talkie, and know that the band is at their most relaxed and open when interviewed by Dave. Fanning has been at 2FM since its beginnings in the late 70's and has won Ireland's Top DJ Award several times. He currently has the primetime slot in the evenings at 2FM and also hosts a Sunday morning video show on TV on Ireland's Network 2. Over the years, Dave has developed a great friendship with the band and should have many very interesting comments. Everybody, welcome Dave Fanning!

Dave Fanning I'm just sitting here open mouthed at the wonder of it all..

Aingeal I can imagine, Dave. :) Welcome to our world.

Melon - U2 SL Hehehe, most people do the first time. :-) Ok, April, you're up!

Zooropa Child (HJ!) Dave-- What's your favorite memory of U2 so far?

Dave Fanning Probably no different than anybody else's...maybe on stage, like madison Sq gardens NY 1985, Leixlip Dublin supporting the Police 1980 or naked on the radio for the Joshua tree interview in 87 ...?

Aingeal Naked on the radio...I'm glad HE brought that up. :)

Zooropa Child (HJ!) Wow. Sounds like cool memories of them to me, Dave.

Caroline Von B in honour of this, I think we should all just strip

Dave Fanning Bono wore white y-fronts for the first half...

Ruairi, Derry

Aingeal Are we really going to dicuss Bono's knickers? I know they're fascinating...but...:)

Caroline Von B Calvins? or M&S ? naah... Dunnes :)

Melon - U2 SL Tracy, you have a question?

TrAcY Yes, thank you. Do you have any idea when the new album will be out and what it will be like?

Dave Fanning Yes I've heard some of it...and to be honest I can't put a specific finger on it. After bits of listens to bits of tracks, it reminds me of anything from AB to Z. I have heard they have to have the album wrapped and delivered by the end of Aug at the latest...They have a huge wqorld tour coming up

TrAcY As big as zooropa?

Dave Fanning Bigger

Aingeal Bigger? Holy schmoly

Dave Fanning But not in terms of the stage show

Caroline Von B oh no... the back to basics vibe

Aingeal behave yourself CVB. :) in terms of distance covered?

Dave Fanning Yes in terms of dates and length of time on the road

TrAcY I heard that they wouldn't be touring until next year, and that they would hit the stadiums first in the south. Is there any truth of this to your knowledge?

Dave Fanning Tracy, don't know the itinerary

Ruairi, Derry Did you see the 'Expect Nothing Post-Cards' then Dave

Melon - U2 SL OK, Ainge, you have a question?

Aingeal Yes, I have a question... Dave: What was your impression of the band as a whole, and as individuals, when you first met them?

Dave Fanning I met a lot of bands, around the time I first met U2..and as people i warmed to them more than any other. I used to play their Demo tapes when I was on pirate radio in the late 70s, in fact I still have a copy of that 1st demo...3 songs surfaced on Boy, 3 others were never released.

Caroline Von B Radio Dublin?

Dave Fanning When the national pop station started in 79, we brought u2 in 5 nights in a row to let the listeners decide on the a and b side of their debut single. To be honest, what the band had was just something real.. I wasn't too crazy about some of the music, in that I thought some other Irish bands of the time were at least as good if not better.

Yes, Radio Dublin, but mainly radio Big D

Aingeal Yeah, isn't the popular saying right now, "I knew U2 when they were crap?" :)

Dave Fanning :-)

Melon - U2 SL OK, Caroline! :)

Caroline Von B right... I apologise for the NON U2 stuff and its length:

Hi Dave, In the early Eighties, RTE recorded three or more sessions with the Virgin Prunes. Half of that material never appeared on record. 1. Who owns the material? RTE or VP? 2. Is there any chance that RTE will ever release cd's of those sessions? 3. I'm preparing for a new book on GF's career (and there's an exclusive for ya Dave - this timestarting from VP until the end of the 20th century. Would you be willing to be interviewed by me about the early days of the Prunes?

Dave Fanning Yeah, some of the early gigs were not necessarily crap, but they were dodgy.

As regards the prunes, RTE owns those tapes. I do a TV prog called Planet Rock Profiles, it's in Australia and across Europe on VH1...Gavin is profiled soon

Caroline Von B

Rory, Derry Is there a U2 Planet Rock coming ?

Dave Fanning Most likely yes. Early 97

Caroline Von B Dave, what about me interviewing you on early prunes? ok or no?

Dave Fanning OK No problem

Chris Chamberlain Dave- I was wondering if you knew where the Mr Mcphisto thing originated and why it came about?

Dave Fanning It owes something to a famous Irish theatrical character called Micheal Mac Liammoir, probably the most famous of the 20th century...played in the Gate theatre

Chris Chamberlain So why did Bono decide to imitate that ? he looks proper weird

Aingeal That's interesting, Dave...I'd never thought of that...

Dave Fanning but obviously within the context of u2's evolution it was just a persona Bono was able to adapt and incorporate into Zooropa

Aingeal I'd attributed it partly to Klaus Manns' "Mephisto" book.

Caroline Von B (MacLiammoir was also one of the first Irish to be openly gay, I believe)

Chris Chamberlain So is that the end to Macphisto now Zoo TV's over ?

Dave Fanning Bowie did the same 100 times in the 70's...for Bono obviously Mephisto was the main inspiration.. yes caroline re end of McPhisto, no idea...probably, though

Chris Chamberlain thanks a lot Dave

Dave Fanning You are welcome

Rory, Derry You've been in the business such a long time now, and to quote one person "can we hire him to do all interview's", my question is who has been your favourite band to interview/introduce? (And thanks for asking Dolores on the last Planet Profile about that Dance Version of Zombie... I've always wondered about that one ). (Can you say something tomorrow night on the show about here, and play some special U2 song 'cus I would like to make a Computer Sound File to stick on the 'net) - Cheers Dave

Dave Fanning I've intro'd a lot of bands on stage & interviewed 3 or 400 down thru the years...specially enjoyed Madonna, REM, & The Frank And Walters

Rory, Derry Madonna

Dave Fanning Joni Mitchell & Neil Young meant a lot to me Cos they were both live here in studio

Aingeal American artists...what can I say?

Dave Fanning Canadian, actually :) who's next, Mel ?

Aingeal me again! I was recently involved in a discussion as to whether or not it would be ethical to have recorded a bootleg of the performances at Bill Graham's recent (and premature, in my humble opinion) funeral. I am firmly against the idea, as it would be hard for me to enjoy music from such an event, but others are not so...what are your thoughts on this, Dave? Sorry if this is a touchy subject, Dave. I think I speak for everyone when I offer my condolences.

Dave Fanning There's no harm in having a recording of it but I suppose it would be unethical in terms of letting it loose, but let's face it the decision is entirely yours. Bono and Adam recently took part in a 1-hour tribute to Bill which i broadcast here on 2 FM ...By the way, for anyone not in the know, that's Bill Graham, Irish rock Journalist, not the US promoterAnd thanks... he was a good friend of us all

Aingeal Yes, Dave, I agree. My problem with it was that the people who wanted the recording wanted it for the wrong reasons - they wanted the 'new song by Bono'.

Caroline Von B Gav said Bill would have loved the funeral, and the music - others suggested he would have enjoyed a bootleg of it himself

Aingeal Rather than something sung for a departed friend

Caroline Von B exactly

Dave Fanning take your point Aingeal

Aingeal I live near San Francisco, Dave - Bill Graham (US) was a local hero.

Dave Fanning catch the moment as it flies

Aingeal I can tell the difference Well, the way I see it, I wouldn't want a bootleg of my mother's funeral, if she'd had one

Dave Fanning No disrespect to Bill Graham (US)...just for clarity

Aingeal that's where I'm coming from Oh I know, Dave! ;) It's confusing to have the two Bills but now we have none. :( But if she'd HAD a funeral, I'd want her to have one like Bill's. What a send off! :)

Zooropa Child (HJ!) Dave-- What do you like best about each of the members of U2 ?

Dave Fanning Bono's good fun, Edge is down to earth, Larry is Larry and Adam's willy..:)


Caroline Von B LOL

Zooropa Child (HJ!) LOL

Dave Fanning Please what's LOL ?

Aingeal And only Dave would admit to that last one...;) LOL - Laughing Out Loud

Dave Fanning Oh I see :)

Caroline Von B OK, What on earth is Beep up to, and will he ever return to Irish radio?

Dave Fanning I'm heading down to Galway with Beep this weekend for a Radiohead concert

Caroline Von B ye are?. Great

Dave Fanning he's living in Dublin with his sister

Caroline Von B are you going to Millstreet too?

Dave Fanning and he's currently writing for the Sunday Independent...in fact i think he's spending most of his time writing...he's recently gone on the road with acts as diverse as the Corrs and Van Morrison. I'm not going to Millstreet

Sue Fell Which is your fave U2 album and why? And which do you like least?

Dave Fanning Maybe Rattle and Hum is my favourite

Sue Fell Why Rattle and Hum?

Dave Fanning The album was an attempt to delve into the roots of American music and from their own perspective, with their own songs...they made a great stab at it Also it was much maligned, and I think in many ways much misunderstood 1sttime I heard it Adam drove me through me through LA and put it on the car cassette...it was the 1st time he's heard it outside the studio

Sue Fell And which is your least favourite?

Aingeal LA as in Los Angeles? or what?

Dave Fanning Yip. Least fave would probably be October. Reason...none ?

Melon - U2 SL This is a question from one of our members, Matt McGee, who very much regrets that he couldn't make it today. Matt wants to know why Irish radio is so hesitant to play Irish music, to the point the govt. had to impose a mandatory 30% requirement, and what your unabridged opinion is of Irish radio in general?

Dave Fanning The Govt didn't have impose that., its a voluntary thing with 2 FM.

Melon - U2 SL So what do you make of the state of Irish radio and music these days?

Dave Fanning In general, I'm not a great fan of Irish radio...safe and bland is the order of the day, so its Phil Collins, Tina Turner and the eagles wall to wall...By the way that 30 percent thing ? I agree with it...there's at least 300 singles released each year by Irish bands. They could easily fit 10 of them every day on any given station without losing listeners...its shameful that they don't...remember nobody owns the airwaves, those who control them are merely custodians.

Rory And poor Dave fights the battle by himself (% of Demo's on the radio... I was even on one a few years ago! )

Dave Fanning Irish music...is only as good as it's been for the past 6 or 7 years which is better than 20 years ago, but probably no better than anywhere else Who was your band rory ?

Rory Rib Cage from Strabane Coming from a place of great conflict, do you think that the present situation here and in other places will find its way into the new album from what you've heard? (From what I have heard I'd say no).. I mean like Sunday Bloody Sunday, and more recently Love Is Blindness and Miss Sarajevo? And do you think we will ever see a settlement thus no more U2 songs about the suffering?

Dave Fanning I'd say no to the first bit, and after recent events, and the intransigence that shrouds the whole thing, I don't see a settlement in my lifetime, to be honest. I hope more than anything that I'm wrong.

Zooropa Child (HJ!) Dave-- Mine is not really a question. I would like to tell you I visited Dublin, Ireland in 1993 and it's a wonderful city. I enjoyed my stay there very much and hope to visit Dublin again very soon... As for your work, keep up the good work and tell U2 Zooropa Child and all of the U2 Section on CompuServe says hi! =-) I have to logoff now so Cya later and God Bless, Dave. Take care!

Dave Fanning Thanks Z C

Aingeal Dave: I'm going to be lynched for this non-U2 question, but I want to know what yer listening to these days? Any bands in particular that have caught your golden ear? Because, you know, U2 fans never listen to anything else. We're funny that way. ;)

Dave Fanning Yeah, quite a few actually...sparklehorse, Funlovin criminals, divine comedy, ash, screaming trees, underworld

Aingeal Wow... that's a lot of grungey-types... well, as least where the Trees are concerned

Rory Ash? :)

Aingeal please tell me you haven't fallen into the Oasis have you? :)

Dave Fanning Yeah, think they're great...Sorry ! My favourite band of all time is the Beatles...Now the re-creation of a favourite band doesn't make them great, but from a certain point of view there's a certain Beatles type edge to Oasis...and it's a good edge

Aingeal Actually, I think Oasis sounds nothing like the Beatles sorry

Alex G As Larry is so often not focused on, what is your opinion of him, and why did he wait till 34 to get a tattoo? (I agree with you, Screaming Trees are really good).

Dave Fanning Didn't realise he waited till 34 to get a tattoo ! Must check this more carefully

Aingeal Dave - what exactly fuelled the infamous 'In the Nude Interview'? Whose idea WAS it? Really?

Sue Fell I think it was fuelled by alcohol

Aingeal And is there photographic evidence of this event?

Dave Fanning It was 100 percent Bono's. We had done lots of interviews and he just decided it might be a laugh...add some spice. It did, and I have the photos to prove it :)

Aingeal What I can't believe is that they got YOUR pants off. I mean, I'd do a lot to be in a kick-ass rock 'n' roll group...but...well they'd have to buy me dinner first. :)

Rory A simple question for - according to Dusty -, "The man who discovered U2"; Why haven't you written a book on the guys?

Dave Fanning Too much like hard work...and I'm famously untogether

Rory I'm not surprised with your load.... 2fm, 2TV, Planet Rock, The Movie Show.... do'ya never get tired?

Dave Fanning You watch a lot of TV...You need to get out more :)

Aingeal Dave, what do you think was the driving force behind the picture of Bono and Liam Gallagher snogging at the POD?

Marcus Dunne their respective mouths

Aingeal very funny Marcus

Marcus Dunne yer welcome

Aingeal I'm sorry to bring it up but it's a burning question. we get bored easy between albums, y'see...

Dave Fanning Kindred spirits in rock's Rich Tapestry ?

Marcus Dunne or pissed as newts in a nightclub take yer pick

Dave Fanning Tour stuff : really don't know too exactly, just that it should last well into 98 They will have a new album completed by the end of august

Aingeal Dave: I'd heard that they'd missed their first deadline and had to pretty much lock themselves in the studio to meet the second one...truth? fiction? or something I should leave to Mulder and Scully? ;)

Dave Fanning No idea...I never heard about a first deadline. at the moment I think it's a question of picking the best bunch of tracks for the album Oh, and they're really happy in their new studio

Rory Dave, what are your views on the cranberries?

Dave Fanning Cranberries ?

Rory -are they "the next u2"

Aingeal the new studio being Hanover? AKA the Batcave?

Marcus Dunne aka very easy to find

Aingeal I can't FIND the bloody place. :( thanks Marcus. :)

Rory (where was that interview recorded from the Planet Rock?)

Aingeal I've seen the inside of the place but not the outside, if that makes sense. :P

Dave Fanning What a frightening thought ! (Crans as next U2)....the interview was recorded in the south of France and London

Rory Do you like them/music and what do you think about 'to the faithful departed' ? Like Dolores is for ever thanking you on stage etc.

Dave Fanning I like some of the Cranberries' music...They did get an early session on the programme and we used to play their demos when they were the cranberry Saw-Us

Dave Fanning Michelle Smith is about to win another Gold in the swimming in Atlanta...can I go watch please ?

Aingeal Yes, go raibh mhaith agat, Dave (I prolly spelled that wrong but hell, I'm tired) lol dave!!!!

Dave Fanning You got the irish right ...the prolly looks suspect

Aingeal I think we need a theme song to close... "And they call it puppy loooove..." okay okay, I won't do it. :)

Marcus Dunne When you walk through a storm

Aingeal oh no!!!

Lis Let's join hands all..

Dave Fanning hold your head up high

Aingeal rotflmao

Dave Fanning Bye folks, it's been fun . Oiche mhaith agus codladh samh

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