Eve Hewson: A Talented and Rising Star in her Own Right

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by the New York Film Academy

The public has a strange relationship with the children of the rich and famous. Whether through simple curiosity or through poisonous envy, many child starlets reach even greater notoriety than the parents themselves - as a case in point, compare the amount of column inches devoted to the entrepreneurial Kathy and Richard Hilton compared to their relatively talentless daughter, Paris.

Of course, many children with infamous parents revile the celebrity status which is practically handed to them at birth. Others strive to carve out their own niche and make a name for themselves off the back of their own exceptional talents rather than rely on their namesake.

Bono's youngest daughter, Eve Hewson, is one such rising star.

Early Life and Breakout Success

Like Bono, Eve is Irish through and through. Born in Dublin, she spent most of her formative years studying at St. Andrew's College - a century-old institution which has courted quite a few famous folk - before making the jump across the pond to study in NYC.

Following a period of studying the craft of acting and a couple of short film and music video appearance, Hewson enrolled in the NYFA acting school in 2010. It was following graduation that Hewson really hit her stride, featuring in arguably her most recognizable role to date in 2011's This Must Be the Place. The Sean Penn-led film was generally well received, and given the taboo subjects it touched upon (such as suicide and the Holocaust), it was a brave move for an actress only just finding her feet.

Although Eve doesn't have many film credits to her name so far (she is only 22), her careful selection of roles - as well as reluctance to 'play it safe' - has already put her on a trajectory for recognition as an arthouse actress. Moreover, her work to date has already helped her distinguish her own standalone talent from that of her parents, something many children of famous couples struggle to do.

And speaking of which...

On Her Father's Fame

It's clear through interviews and her independent career path that Eve is unfazed by her parent's celebrity status, and much less interested in directly capitalizing from it (of course, an indirect benefit of the association is entirely unavoidable). Indeed, both Bono and Ali Hewson discouraged a career in the public eye and she spent the majority of her upbringing in relative obscurity. In her own words, Eve stated "My parents work really hard to make sure that we don't feel entitled. They just don't spoil us. They want us to work for things." In addition, she revealed that herself and three siblings aren't allowed to use the Hewson's multi-million dollar penthouse in NYC and Eve herself lives in a tiny apartment instead.

One benefit of her parent's fame that Eve does utilize is when finding friends, since she's able to instantly recognize when people are being insincere and attempting to gain access to her father.

Recent (and Future) Career

One of the most recent entries into Eve Hewson's filmography is Blood Ties, a remake of an earlier French thriller which itself is an adaptation of a novel. Despite Eve featuring alongside a whole host of acting powerhouses (Marion Cotillard, Zoe Saldana and Clive Owen to name a few), the film was met with little fanfare but did do well at this year's Cannes.

Following Blood Ties, Hewson will appear alongside the late, great James Gandolfini in Enough Said, scheduled to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. While we don't know a great deal about the film outside of the synopsis and official poster, it's likely to be a poignant viewing experience even if only because it'll be Gandolfini's final leading movie role and first posthumous film appearance. Eve is yet to comment on her experiences working with the Sopranos actor.

Beyond Enough Said, Hewson has teamed up with a fellow famous kid actor to explore the possibilities of crowd funding.

Working with Jack Quaid (son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan), the duo are trying to raise a modest $7,000 to cover costs for their planned movie Roadies, a coming-of-age tale which is centered around - as you can imagine from the title - a cross-country road trip. The primary reason for the relatively small production amount is that all of the cast and crew have agreed to work for free; naturally, the parents of either Hewson or Quaid could fund the movie a thousand times over but it's clear that the pair want to earn their production chops and go it alone. In their own words, "We are the new generation of filmmakers. We are young. We are passionate. And we are ready to make a difference in the world of cinema."

At the time of writing, there are just hours to go before their IndieGoGo campaign ends. They look set to have raised around half of the required amount, meaning that the future of Roadies is uncertain.

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