Ag sies vir jou, Bono: Angry Hofmeyr tweets 'Shoot the Boer' parody of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'

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Steve Hofmeyr's "tweet" on Twitter

Stormy Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has stirred more trouble, rewriting Irish band U2's lyrics to their song Sunday Bloody Sunday, with its own parental-guidance warning, on his website.

By Andile Ndlovu, Times Live

Hofmeyr boycotted the band's concert at the FNB stadium on Sunday, and claimed he threw his two tickets, worth a collective R5000 into the Jukskei River.

He did so in protest after a newspaper report that U2 lead singer Bono supported political struggle songs, including the controversial Shoot the Boer song, sung by ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

The Irish singer and political and human rights activist reportedly said struggle songs had a place, but should not be sung in public places and a "certain community. It's pretty dumb," he said.

For the original lyrics of U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday, Broken bottles under children's feet/Bodies strewn across the dead end streets/But I won't heed the battle call/It puts my back up/Puts my back up against the wall, Hofmeyr substitutes The Boere father stands and weeps/Bodies bleeding at his feet/Bono, used to understand the call/Kill the Boer, Bono says yes shoot them all....

The next chorus, a simple repeat of Sunday Bloody Sunday, was changed to Kill the Boer, before Sunday/Kill the Boer, before Sunday.

The popular Afrikaans singer, who has hits such as Pampoen, would not respond to e-mails or give interviews. According to his office assistant, identified only as Leeza, he had "said everything he wants to say on Twitter".

Twitter users called Hofmeyr "irrelevant", a "jackass", a "drama queen" and a "clown" for his outburst. Some suggested he move to Australia for good.

Lyndsey Duff tweeted: "There's nothing worse than someone who tweets about it every time they take a dump in a river." Another posted a picture of a few empty seats and suggested they were Hofmeyr's.

Michelle Mollett said: "Steve Hofmeyr's an ass. Somebody please explain to him what Bono actually said before he embarrasses SA even further."

Below his post of the new lyrics, Hofmeyr seemed to laugh off being called an old attention-seeker who was not selling albums. Hofmeyr wrote: "One day maybe I'll be seen as someone with legit concerns and no more.

"Before I blame ALL South Africans of idiocratic sing-a-long, may I express my utter amazement at the non-Afrikaner support I am getting from any South African and similar minority victims all over the world. Especially black folk understand the pain of what is happening to my people."

He urged Bono to revise his "African omniscience" without the help of Wikipedia, which he said "won't do. You're supposed to be a role model. Sies vir jou."

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