U2 Talk 'Emotional' 360 Tour, Tease New Album

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Future plans are discussed by Bono and The Edge

When the band returns to the U.S. in May, they 'may even have a new album.'

By James Montgomery, MTV

For nearly their entire career, U2 have only known one way of operating: in the hugest way humanly possible. They've set records and broken banks with their music, their videos and their expansive, all-encompassing tours. The same can now be said about "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," Bono and The Edge's first foray into the world of Broadway.

Though it has just begun rehearsals, the play has already made headlines for its budget (a reported $60 million), lavish costumes and over-the-top staging, which sees Spidey battling foes and soaring high above the audience at the Foxwoods Theatre.

To Bono and The Edge, however, the scale of their "Spider-Man" show isn't really all that different than what they've been doing for more than 30 years now. Case in point, their eternally running 360 Tour, which just began its fourth leg (hitting New Zealand and Australia) and will return to the U.S. in May. And when it does, U2's dynamic duo promise that it will be worth the wait. After all, they may even have a new album to promote.

"When we were here last year, we were just getting used to how to play like that," Bono told MTV News. "We did some really good shows, [but] they just keep getting better and better, though, we're getting harder and harder; tougher. More attitude, more punk rock and more emotional, in another way. This strange thing has happened as the tour's went on; we've been playing new songs. We may even have a new album by the end of the tour."

That would presumably be one of the three new albums the band is working on, though Bono wouldn't reveal which would see the light of day first. Instead, in true U2 form, he championed the revelatory nature of the 360 Tour. Because, really -- and, in their case, eternally -- the show's the thing.

"The thing about the 360 Tour is, the spectacle is not actually this spaceship that lands in the middle of the stadium ... the spectacle is the crowd, and the ability of the crowd to see each other and involve each other," he said. "There's this kind of call and response that goes on with the band and the crowd, and this sort of strange electric shock that goes through the stands, like a big Mexican wave of music that just travels around this virtuous circle."

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