A Song Called "Bad".

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Sorry it's been awhile since I've written. Various surgeries and musical artists have had me busy over the past few months (Blur, anyone?). This is actually an entry I've written in my head about 50 times and I'm finally sitting down to commit it to paper...or screen, if you wanna get technical.

Over the years, after talking to numerous fans at shows and other U2 related events, the one song that I seem to hear mentioned over and over is "Bad". What song would you love to hear them play? "Bad". What song never fails to make you sing? "Bad". I have watched the most passive of fans erupt when this song starts. Even the fair-weather, "I only liked them during suchandsuch era" fans seem to lose their shit. What is it about this song that seems to stir U2 fans to the bone?

Many fans probably remember the 1985 Live Aid performance of "Bad", where Bono climbs down into the audience at Wembley Stadium. For those of you who have read "U2 by U2", the band thought they just fucked up the entire performance and were ready to hang Bono because of it. But it really struck a chord with many people and it became a turning point in the band's popularity.

Then, of course, we have the incredible live version from Rattle & Hum. This was my first recollection of "Bad". Snippets of two Rolling Stones songs, sweaty Bono strutting around on stage...still doesn't take away from the emotion, does it?

Below is perhaps one of my favorite version's of "Bad" live. Bono's voice was in such amazing shape on the Zoo TV tour. He belts it on this song anyway but here...perfect.

PopMart - different pitch.

Elevation Tour

Vertigo Tour

And finally - 360 Tour

I was at that show, yay!

Bono really seems to give his all during the performances of this song. The lyrics are very emotional, most of us have been through things that caused us to feel divided, conflicted, defeated. And Bono seems to give us all some much needed advice...to let it go and so fade away. Oh Bono, I wish it were that easy sometimes...

Till next time!

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i was there too - love that song!

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