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U2 is more than just your usual rock band, they are an inspiration for many and with the holidays coming up a lot of us may feel a little "blue", but there is one group that is helping many of us get through a lot of our struggles and we are grateful for them and their music.

U2 has touched many lives from their concerts to third world countries like Africa. They have given hope for others to live on, have given compassion to many to live as one, have even been the life line for some that were on the edge and ready to let go, but it was U2 that helped them get through it all.

I have been helping out on a U2 fan site on facebook recently and I came up with this idea to start a discussion on how U2 is an inspiration and I was very surprised at the response I got and how many, including myself poured our hearts out on some situations and struggles we have been facing or have faced in the past, and how U2 were the ones that helped us get through, I had everything from depression, to the lost of love ones, and even toughs having their hearts opened to help others in need. It really amazes me how U2 has made a very huge impact on people's lives, it's very inspiring and touching.

U2 is more that just your typical rock band, that go around the world and put on a rock show for millions. They are a voice for many, they touch the hearts of millions night after night, they change lives, they save lives. You can't say much like this about other rock bands out there. U2 is different they're inspiring, up lifting, etc. Worlds can not even described them and all that they do.

Their music up lifting, compassionate, and full of love and the band members even add more to that. It's truly amazing what U2 has done, and no band can ever top that.

U2 is a huge inspiration for many.

If you have a story to share on how U2 has been an inspiration, I would love to hear from you and/or join the conversation on facebook at

May you have a wonderful and blessed Holiday season.


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