U2 Makes An Invasion To The Desert

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October 20th, 2009
Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA
Opening Act: Black Eyed Peas.

U2 makes an invasion in Phoenix, Az on the night of October 20th, 2009, with a bang, and it couldn't have came at a better time.

What a special night it was on October 20th at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale ( Phoenix) Arizona. The perfect weather and the perfect atmosphere for a U2 show. We even had a special guest in the house Muhammad Ali, what can get better than having Muhammad Ali in the house?

The night started with the opening band act, Black Eyed Peas, who put on a great performance, with Fergie doing her thing, as the rest of the band got the audience to rock out and get pumped up for U2, they even talked about "Where is the love", President Obama, and how we can all love one another and be "One". After about an hour of Black Eyed Peas, U2 came on.

Opening with one of their smash hits Breath off the No Line On The Horizon album, with Larry Mullen Jr. pounding on the drums, as the rest of the band walked on, and the crowd going nuts to the beats, and as Bono comes on to the stage singing "16th of June, Doorbell Rings".

After U2 finishes Breath, they go into Get On Your Boots, and boy was the crowd getting on their boots, as everyone jumped, and rocked out to the first smash hit off the No Line on the Horizon album, it was like the crowd had put on their boots and were ready to rock out, as Adam Clayton put on his bass beats, and The Edge puts in his slick guitar sounds, as Bono sings "Get on your boots". We knew were all in for a big ride on this space adventure.

As the band went into Magnificent, the crowd takes a breather, as Bono sings his heart out, across the brides of the stage on to the cat walk of what the fans call "The outer circle" or simply "the outer rail". You can tell Bono is in a moment in this song, his hands in the air, than falls to his knees, as like he had been called to kneel, as he sings with such beautiful emotion. At the end of the song he looks into the heavens, as the crowd looks at him with such emotion, like we're all in a spiritual moment and then Bono gets up and starts to dance and we go into Mysterious Ways, off the Acthung Baby album, as Bono swings his hips in "mysterious ways", as all the ladies in the crowd, stare at him in dreamy ways.

After a few more other songs, Beautiful day, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Stuck in a moment, No Line On the Horizon, Elevation, and a few others. The crowd and U2 go into a beautiful moment with the song Walk On, everyone puts on their Aung San Suu Kyi mask, in which they were all requested to put on for the democracy leader, Aun San Suu Ki, who has been under arrest for 14 years fighting for the democracy for the people in Burma. As a few people who were chosen from the audience put on the mask and line up on the cat walk, as Bono wraps himself with his arms around himself, as to give a hug, and sings his heart out with such beautiful emotion, and compassion, as the crowd sings a long, with some crying, and some in prayer, a beautiful moment in the show no words can express, something you wouldn't except at a rock show, something so amazing, it's too hard even touch.

After a beautiful moment with Walk on, the band goes into Where the streets has no name, a fan favorite, and then a target looking microphone is pulled down, and Bono puts on a jacket that is turned on like a Christmas tree with bright reds light, as the band goes into Ultra Violet, and Bono swings on the microphone like he is Spiderman or someone from a comic book, as the crowd goes nuts over the jacket and the microphone and then slowly goes into with or without you and slowly coming to the end with Moment of Surrender.

As the show comes to an end everyone is mixed with such emotion, excitement, tears, and so on. The invasion of U2 into the desert was a success, and all that attended this invasion at the University of Phoenix stadium, came in one person came out another. What a beautiful night in the desert of Arizona.

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