U2 in Charlottesville

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by Brenda Clemons, U2Station.com Staff Writer

U2 in Charlottesville was a fantastic experience. The stage is probably the best in rock n' roll history. The band performed a powerful show. Bono, as usual, was the ultimate PR person, bringing in local facts when he addressed the audience.

I could of been inside of the inner ring but I opted out for an outside wall because I heard you can view more of the screen and stage from that angle. I wasn't disappointed by the visual affect and several times U2 came out near where I was standing. The Edge and Bono performed most of one song directly in front of me and I got smiles from both of them (perhaps it was my Guinness hoodie).

I absolutely loved Ultraviolet and I would of liked to have seen the laser jacket used for another song. This was also a big hit with the audience including those that were not hard core U2 fans.

I have to admit that the mask for Walk On was successful in getting out the message. People were confused at first about what the big deal was, but I noticed that those around me did read the information on the back.

Security was especially confused about the masks and I noticed that they seemed to be pressured to pass out all of them. Individuals in the audience were reluctant to take one and a few thought they had to pay for them. I suggested that they just tell everyone to take one and pass them back (just like in school). It worked and my good deed paid off when a security person gave me the staff notes for the show. It had lots of interesting information on it like: the arrival and departure times for U2, the phone number to the command center back stage, etc.

I'm sorry to say that Blue Room was a real snooze. I love this song but it just doesn't work well live. I thought that the astronaut reciting the lyrics at the end was just cheesy (sorry guys). Perhaps it would of been more interesting if the visuals of earth had been different. I've seen some fantastic photos of earth from outer space and it is unfortunate that none of those made it.

Muse was totally awesome and now I am a big fan. In fact, I'm going out and buying their album this weekend.

Charlottesville is the home base for Dave Mathews, so one would think that they would be unimpressed by rock stars, but apparently not. The venue emailed not one, but twelve page of information about parking and directions. I'm glad they had their act together, but I really didn't need twelve pages of information.

The venue where the concert was held, is designed with one side open to view (like a baseball stadium). This in itself caused traffic jams throughout the day as people in cars stopped to view the magnificent stage set up. I thought one elderly driver was going to run off the road.

This was definitely the most fun U2 concert experience I have ever had.

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thanks for the review, takes me back to my own show almost a month ago. definitely my best U2 show also! sorry to hear about your blue room - i didn't get that song and i read that they are now, or at least once have done in a little while in it's place - that song would have been great!

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