PASADENA- What it meant to this fan!

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There are many reviews of each U2 show, maybe even in the hundreds across the world. I figure most of the fans have already read them. They state what was played and how it sounded. Where U2 has come from and how this concert depicts where they will be in the future. I'm positive they all mention how this particular concert was live on you tube, which I believe is a first for any concert (U2 always breaking the mold). If you want to see the concert through my eyes keep on reading. If you want to know exactly what they played and how it sounded.... click on continue reading and scroll down to the bottom of the page!

The windy morning blew to me the responsibility to find a replacement for my previous counterpart ticket holder....yes, it was a stressful morning. You would think this would be an easy task.....well everyone must have planned a wedding or dinner party on this same day....nobody was available. If it weren't for one of my best friends, (of which U2 and music helped form a bond ten plus yrs ago), I would probably be trampled into the grass outside the stadium. Instead of the previous overwhelming fear I had of facing this chaotic but exhilarating experience, I now had three bronze U2 fans to help push through to the gates whilst battling 96,000 people.

The previous concert attendances under our belts bellowed in our brains with the echo "park far, it's cheaper and you will get home faster," so we parked at an elks club next to the freeway overpass. We tromped forward with a slight buzz in our belly to all the people rushing around as we made our way to the stadium. At this point it was darkness was aproaching and we could see a glimmer of light at the cap of this massive object. We proceeded through the gates with bellies full of drink and food, it was like 'march of the penguins'. Never before have I seen so many people all united with the same love of one music group, waddling forward to see them do their thing for a couple of hours. If you question why U2 is still here.... that massive crowd is the answer. Once inside we tossed back a few more buzz factors and then rushed to our seats just as U2 was about to sweep us into their world. We were behind the stage about seven seats back. I was a little disappointed to be at the back of the stage...but on a positive note we were close. The first thing I noticed was how massive the set up was. The videos and pictures do not do it justice. The show started with Breathe and went on to all the 'main stream' hits. I was delighted the few moments they entertained us back-of-stage-onlookers. Engrained in my memory will be Edges' swagger as he riffs. I thrived in Bonos' energy that he encompassed from the crowd. Predictable Larry got up and beat those bongos and really surprised the crowd. Adam will always retain the 'Rico Suave' stance. I kept waiting for them to break into some real stuff for the long time fans. All we got was unforgettable fire. It was a great show, without a doubt. I just wish they satisfied us b-side fans with some more of the 'Stay', 'blue room', and 'bad' melodies. The show will forever be engraved due to the amazing company and the powerful uplifting performance.

What did this night mean to me? It meant people can come together and put aside their differences of religion, race, occupation, and social status to share one amazing event. 96,000 people can! So what else can we accomplish if we just put these things aside from time to time? The answer is 'infinity it's a great place to start!'

If my counterparts read this..........thank you so much for a memorable night. You all made it what it was...........phucktastic! I say "June 6, 2010 Anaheim stadium!"

and for the rest of you.....................

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funny video of the edge - it is always nice to see the band members in a non-traditional light.

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