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I have finally gotten home and finished editing my pictures...but I thought I would share a video log I did for you all today with a review of last night's show in Chicago. Apologies for the crappy muzak in the background and my general looking like ass-ness.

Here's another video from opening night.

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Chelsea, awesome video log of yours here. Thanks for informing us of the experience at a U2 360° Concert firsthand. I have to say, I feel fortunate to be a tall person (6'4") hearing of all the hardships you shorties get at these massive concerts. We tall folks really don't understand how you enjoy it the same way we do. Perhaps just getting a seat up in the mezzanine would make it easier (just that you won't be on the floor and instead get a longer view of the entire stage/claw, but like you said, the 360° video screens give you closeups of the band from even far away!). I am happy that you successfully got to see this concert though despite all of the poor security organizing (doesn't it seem like its always poorly planned at these big shows? When are they gonna get it right finally?). In any case, keep up the great work. - Jonathan

thanks for the recap. I too was in Chicago for that show and seriously considered the whole standing in line thing, but went out to the South Loop Club and drank waaaay too much and didn't even get back to the hotel until about 3AM - it was fun = singing u2 along with the jukebox! oh well. I went down to the stadium about 6PM (with my u2station t-shirt on!) and wound up on the floor about half way between the sound board and the outer ring. could have gotten closer but choose not to - didn't want to be in the crush! they show was awesome! although I didn't have a great view of the stage - I'm 5'7" - I could see band members if i stood on my toes, i had a great view of the "show". The claw and the video screen - nothing else like it and like you mentioned, you have to see it live. and did you know they did Your Blue Room on Sunday - but they didn't get Bad like we did!

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