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Life has taken over and I haven't written in awhile. I'm sure you're all brokenhearted. I started my bachelor's program about 10 years late, so it's taking a bit of getting used to the whole school thing again. I'll be back in the swing of things someday, and hopefully that won't be 4 years down the road either.

I woke up this morning and I was flipping through the channels when I landed on VH1. They were playing the live version of the "Crazy Tonight" video. I'm not really a huge fan of live official videos, more of a concept type person, but I love this one. Why? Because I get to see that shit in less than two weeks in person. I haven't really been able to think about it much lately but wow, that Claw thing is pretty fucking huge! And I'm such a small person, big things overwhelm me a bit (don't let your minds go to the gutters, kids).

Anyway, I remember feeling a bit the same when PopMart Live in Vegas was shown on ABC, anyone remember that fiasco? I remember watching in a bit of awe/horror...what in the world are they doing? I'm going to see THIS in a few days? SPINNING MIRRORBALL LEMON?! My mom, who was taking me to the show, was in hysterics and my dad was simply confused. In all honesty, at the time, it looked so absurd on TV, I was a little worried. Would all this massive production take away from the music? This was, after all, my first U2 show and I was there, ultimately, for the music.

A mere 4 days later, I was standing in Jack Murphy Stadium, looking up at that big golden arch and screen, mesmerized. It was so HUGE. My reaction was echoed by many around me. I'd seen people like the Rolling Stones, who are notorious for their extreme stage shows but this was something completely different. After Rage Against the Machine was done and it was dark, the lights started going, "Pop Muzik" started playing and that ginormous stage started doing things. It was a little overwhelming, enough to give you a seizure. But what do I remember about that show? The band. I was close enough, thankfully, to see them without the screen, and I was watching them, not the screen or the stage or the lights. They are what made it memorable for me...not the big ass screen in the back, not the Mirrorball Lemon, none of that. The music is what I remember.

So in T-minus 13 days, I will be standing under the canopy of the Claw. Will it take away from the music? For me? Doubt it. At first, I'll admit, I was a skeptic, especially after enjoying the arena shows from the Elevation and Vertigo shows so much. Why stadiums again? I've never been a fan of stadium shows from anyone. Aren't too many gimmicks on this mirrorball fruit, only Bono swinging from a microphone thingy with a neon jacket, not too bad I'd say.

Here's where I relate shit back to school (how droll). In the course I'm taking, "How To Be a Master Student" - which I have to take since I've obviously forgotten how to be a student - they teach you about how to recognize attitudes towards something you're skeptical about. When you go in with a negative attitude, you're going to suck at it because you've psyched yourself out to suck. If I tell myself I am bad at math, I'm gonna be bad at it. Makes sense, no? So if myself and all the other thousands of U2 fans go to this show with the attitude that the Claw is an overblown piece of metal from a band who's got too much money and is really crap now anyway, I'm going to be flying to Chicago and gearing up for a grand shitty time. Why waste your money if that's your attitude? Go see someone else and let those of us who want to be there, enjoy it. And if one person standing in my vicinity bitches about the set list...I will step on your foot...repeatedly. Small but fierce, friends.

Truth is, I am excited. I'm damn excited. I don't care about the Claw...I'm there for the music and to watch the four men who have made it.

And now, some favorite U2 live clips:

This clip still gives me the beautiful. And the 10 year old in me wants to be that girl...still.

Lovetown NEEDS to be released on DVD soon. Guys?

I could go on forever with this topic...but am I bugging you? I don't mean to bug ya...

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HOLY SHIT - i didn't know that hawkmoon had been played live! fantastic!

i will be at the show in 11 days - you ain't bugging me cause i'm on that plane of existence too!

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