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My journey to see this movie started in LA, a place I have to be convinced to go these days. I had to get some cash and parked at a Mc Donald's on sunset due to the fact that I had no quarters for a meter. Then I walked a block to an ATM and proceeded to pay three dollars for twenty of my own dollars. As I walked back to my car a generous and probably dollar less man said I look good enough to jump. Again, got ta' love LA. Then I had some lounge time with some good friends, and they decided to retire for the night. I was tired as well but then fate took over 10:45pm at night. I found myself alone walking to the show from a parking garage, of which I just gave an arm and a leg to. I admit a bit of excitement took over and made me wonder if I was getting my self way to pumped up for this movie. I then paid with all the others, got a soda, and sat in my assigned seat, yes my assigned seat.

This sound you hear in the very beginning after the titles is amazing and met with everyone's attention. Cows are mowing, and nails are being hammered in silent concentration of Jack white. He literally builds a guitar out of wood, nails, a coke bottle and some other miscellaneous things he found lying around, and he says, "Who says you need to buy a guitar!" From that moment on I was hooked.

Then we meet The Edge and find out how he built a guitar with his brother from a kit. Jimmy Paige surprised us with stories of how rock and roll came about and how he picked up his guitar at a young age. These are three amazing guitarists there is no doubt about that, but what we don't know is their story behind becoming one. The similarities and the contrasts between the three are told with such splendor any one who is interested in music would get a thrill out of this show.

The places they all came from I believe support sublimation. Jack White came from a large family and was introduced to music at a young age. Drums were his first passion and he actual slept on a foam mattress to fit two kits and recording bits and bobs in his room. The Edge was sitting in a country of economic hardship and wondered is there any more than this out there for me. Jimmy Paige was stuck doing studio work for everyone else but himself and had to get out of the mundane world and let his guitar speak his own language. These are moments that they each remember that drove them in the direction of music to create great unimaginable things.

The movie also highlights places that they have been and recorded at as bands to find unique sound and inspiration. They each share how they developed there own sound. Edge was obsessed, and still is, with electronic adaptations to the guitar. What can he make come out of this guitar? How can he make it speak the sound that is in his mind? He only saw live music from one show on TV at the time. It didn't have much rock or punk music on, but one night a band that would inspire them all came on the screen. Jack White is a minimalist. He tries to get melody and rhythm out of the least amount of things. He ponders use of the most beat up guitar someone left behind and plucks away to get an unheard voice. Jacks most inspirational song involves a voice singing of hardship and clapping for the beat. He describes how emotionally that is one man up against everything the world. Jimmy explains how he liked to create emotion with his guitar. Make it go soft and then really hard, and these two sounds is what eventually lead to the creation of the doubled headed looking beast of a guitar, this way he could play 'stairway to heaven' live.

All of these three have different stories. The subject remains the same though. They struggled to create greatness. They all wanted to connect their emotional passion for music with each human being on an intimate level. They try to bring the songs they hear in their head out through there instrument and change your feeling, outlook, or just give you a really great high, on this thing called music.

I can't even explain to you how much inspiration, passion, and just an emotional high this movie gave me. I suggest to anyone get out and see it. The story is told creatively. The sound is magnanimous. These guys rocked the theatre. I am now in anticipation to achieve my highest dreams in the music world.

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Angela!!!!!!! Awesome review... hahahah yeah U saw how totally aweful I FELT.. lol.. yep u saw how I felt!! hahaha sounds funny!!! I want to thank you for coming out to Hollyweird! The pleasure was indeed mine, and the proper hospitatlity of the Marmont... "yes Miss Simonian, we have u in here, we can seat u now... Oh we even know what allergies u have" just blew me away lol....
It's what u get whislt dining with the famous Mr. B I guess.. but hey u were there, and like I said, I didn't even so much as try to pull a rank!!!

These things just amuse me...
I want to thank you for posting the links... Very much appreciated!!!

Seems like inventory is limited!! Great for EDUN and ONE!!!

I hope u all remember to enter the code for the sale... Click on the links above, enter the code to get an additional 10% off!!!

Thanks Angeline!!!

Great review - I can't wait to see this movie. I just keep saying that ---- I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

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