Did U2 stop off in Drumquin this week?

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DID rock giants U2 stop off in Drumquin as part of their current worldwide tour?

That's the question that remains unanswered after affable shop assistant Helen Graham had to take more than 'one' look when two men claiming to be members of the Irish band stepped into Duncan's Spar shop in the village on Monday morning.

Literally hours before the Irish rockers were due on stage at Croke Park, the jovial Helen had an encounter that remains shrouded in mystery and has left her totally perplexed.

Helen recounted the two mens' 'mysterious ways' and despite her 'desire' to find the whole truth ever since, she said that she 'still hasn't found what she is looking for.'

"On Monday morning at around 10am a massive silver motor home type vehicle pulled up outside the shop, one similar to the sort of vehicle that was in the village at the time of the world rally championships," explained Helen.

"I thought to myself 'that's fancy.' Then I saw the driver getting out and opening the door and three fellows got out. One stood outside the door of the shop and the other two came in.

"The two boys got their stuff, came to the counter with it. They said something about getting a particular brand of crisps up here (north) and during the course of the conversation I jokingly said that you get anything up here.

"I then said to the two boys that they looked as if they were on a mission. One of the guys did all the talking, he had a deep Irish accent and replied 'We're you two.'

"I said I'm on no mission, I'm just here for the craic.

"The man then replied, 'No, we're members of U2.' I said right, OK. Then he just looked at me and laughed. He went over to the door and turned and looked back at me really strangely. I thought to myself, 'What's his problem?'

"The two boys got into the vehicle along with the other man who had been standing outside the door looking and watching, keeping guard as such."

The confused Helen, an avid country and western fan, then asked local woman Anne Davis who was in another part of the shop at the time did she know anything about U2.

Helen continued, "Anne informed me that they were a famous band and when I said that I think I might just have served them in the shop she went ballistic."

When shown a picture of the band, Helen identified one of the men as looking like the one time 'babyface' Adam Clayton, but three days on she admits the bizarre episode remains shrouded in mystery.

Helen says she is 'stuck in a moment that she can't get out of' and her and her friends can't believe that U2 were quite possibly (or highly unlikely) in Drumquin some ten hours before they were due to play in front of 80,000 fans at Croke Park.

Helen remains none the wiser. Did she genuinely meet members of U2 or was it simply an encounter with imposters in Drumquin on that 'beautiful day?'

Either way it's not going to make a massive difference to Helen's life. As a shop assistant she knows only too well that 'some days are better than others.'

Ulster Herald

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