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First off, hey Great Administrator God, since you have turned off censoring, can I cuss in my blog. I ask this because, after seeing the Ultraviolet video we have streaming, I can only say, "What the fuck?".

I kind of like the lazer jacket because I think it may be a cool effect to those sitting in seats higher up in the stadium. i even like the rope, which I affectionately call the "monkey rope". I think this suits Bono and will be great once he figures out what he should do with it. What I don't like about it is that it looks like a big steering wheel with the microphone in the middle. As a monkey rope, it works well. As a microphone hanging down from the top of the stage, what the fuck? Or, maybe my complaint is that it covers his face during most of the song. Please tell me, is this the only song that uses this micriophone contraption?

After watching the concert footage, I realized something that I haven't thought of, no mater how close I get to the stage, at some point I will be looking at butt. (Because the stage rotates). Now, I love U2, but I can see old butt sitting in my living room.

The stage concept is Magnificent. But it screams for some hard core Pop or Achtung Baby.

As for the mask, I have a better idea. Hey U2 Gods, if you are lsitening, instead of having us download and print out a ridiculous mask, how about just having each one of us donate a dollar to Amnesty International? I figure it will probably cost me about that much in paper and ink (and time) to print out that mask. Imagine how much money that would be if each concert goer donated a dollar?

Now that I have complained, let me just remind everyone that we are U2 fans and we finally get to see a concert. Perhaps we should not look a gift horse in the mouth!

Achtung, Baby!!!!

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