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It is interesting to hear Micheal Martin on the radio telling us that the minimum wage of €8.65 an hour must be open to review and, by implication, could be lowered.

Given that his own rate of pay per hour is nearer €100 (based on a 40-hour week), one wonders if he really has any grip on the reality of what he is suggesting.

John Mallon
Mayfield, Cork

My one complaint? Bono ranted on about oppression in Burma. He had more than enough Irish problems to address.

Dr Florence Craven
Maynooth, Co Kildare

lInstead of Jack O'Connor of SIPTU dictating to the Minister for Finance what he should be doing in relation to the mortgage-rate increase by Permanent TSB, and what goes on in the Department of Finance vis a vis the minimum wage, should it not be the minister who should be setting the agenda on public policy as the democratically elected representative of the people?

Also, when are we going to have the Taoiseach publicly support his Finance Minister against attacks from such quarters?

David K Aylward
Booterstown, Co Dublin

lJames A Gleeson asserts that the Government is on a long break and not governing the country (Letters, July 24). Where are his facts to back this up?

The Dail chamber may not be sitting but this does not mean that the work of government has to stop. If he checked the Dail website he would find the schedule for all the committees, which are still working. So please stop this nonsense that TDs are doing nothing for the next nine weeks.

Alan Fairbrother
Knocklyon, Dublin 16

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