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Well I gather this has probably been the bands outlook from the start and they continue to aim for no particular line on the horizon. There is no stopping these boys. Sticking around so long as a band is a very challenging thing to do. A select few have accomplished this. So what is U2's secret to keeping this never-ending point going? Well a band must be able to shift each album with what is current without losing "their sound", but at the same time avoid sounding like previous albums (one hit wonder syndrome). A musician must create charismatic performances and be able to connect with the audience on a personal level. U2 does this extremely well. If you have ever sang "40" at the end of a concert while hearing the chanting voices all around you it creates this indescribable high; that is a connection only a GREAT performer can produce. Passion is the foundation to being great in anything really. U2 has a passion for music, perfection, people, and the world. Many people see bono as a preacher and think he shouldn't mix music with politics. Well I say finally someone is using their achievements in life to give something back to the world and the fans that have supported them along the way. These men are not just musicians a few of the members are men on a mission. I love the lyric "Every generation gets a chance to change the world" in the song titled I'LL GO CRAZY IF I DON'T GO CRAZY TONIGHT it is so true. Bono is involved in so many programs it is almost amazing how he gets sleep, some including,, , and so many more. The Edge is involved in a program he helped start as well, (I am very proud and supportive of all U2's contributions to these organizations so you will be seeing me write and post information throughout on these subjects). So until one of these things fail I don't think we will see the end of U2, after this (I call a B sides that's not called a B side) album and gravity defying 360 concert tour. I guarantee you all we will see them back in the recording studio.


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