It's a Beautiful Day

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I have been away for a few weeks. After 7 years in remission a routine oncology screening found a small spot of the big C (cancer). Since my last blog, I have gone through surgery and radiation. In short, life has been CRAP!.

I was having an especially bad day the other day. I had radiation, which makes me weak and hungry. But, before I could eat or go home, I had to go to city hall and pay my overdue gas bill. The last thing I wanted to do was fight for parking and stand in line. But, there i was standing in line when I noticed that the guy walking up to stand behind me had on a U2 t-shirt. I couldn't help myself--I had to smile!!!

A few day later and I was in a restaurant devouring my food when u2's "Beautiful Day" came over the sound system. I listened to the words and let the energy of the music wash over me. Then, I remembered: Yes, it really is a beautiful day.

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I'm sorry to hear that you have cancer - but i am glad that you have a positive attitude. i truly believe that is half the battle. So keep on listening to U2 - they're music is a force of positive energy unmatched by any other band, it will help you keep that healing attitude up in these trying times.

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