Sir Bono, Cool or Not Cool?

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As we shake off the final hangover of 2006 and kick off 2007 anew we are left with the resounding debate which was the center of most New Year's Eve conversations in Dublin bars... Should Bono accept a Knighthood from the Queen of England?

On Tony Blair's recent recommendation, Bono is set to follow in Bob Geldof's footsteps and become an honorary knight of the British empire. But as a citizen of Ireland and not Britain he will be deprived of the title "Sir Bono" (more accurately, Sir Paul Hewson), although that won't stop the media to referring to him thusly...

But as the U2 frontman gets on in years and his wealth, fame and political influence grow so far beyond what any of us could ever imagine - perhaps he's losing touch with the common man, U2 fans and even the Irish people?

Maybe years of hobnobbing with Tony Blair, George Bush, The Pope, Bill Gates and their like have given the Northside Dubliner a taste for titles, honours and awards? He has stated that such things are in recognition of his charity work and help breakdown barriers but we can't help feeling that vanity and an overactive ego are at work here... Surely charity is a selfless act?

We read in a paper yesterday that Bono said the British knighthood was no different in principal from the Legion D'Honneur he received from the French. We beg to differ. The relationship between the Irish people and the British Monarchy can hardy be compared with our relationship with the French, a totally different ballpark

We're not going to get into a debate here about Anglo-Irish relations but the fact still remains that the Irish struggled for emancipation from British rule for over 900 years and the scourge of bloodthirsty tyrants such as Oliver Cromwell who saw the indigenous Irish as no better than the beast in the field. Is it right that perhaps the greatest living Irishman should now bow down in front of the Queen and be knighted?

We caught up with Bono and The Edge over Christmas as they celebrated the end of their World tour with a well deserved knees-up in Lillies Bordello's VVIP bar Jersey Lils. We dare not ask Bono about his soon to be bestowed sword on shoulder ceremony as the timing just didn't seem right...

But irregardless of whether it is morally, politically, personally or otherwise right or wrong for a former Punk Rocker to accept this title we at ShowBiz Ireland feel it's just not cool! After a quick straw-pole most people we asked seemed to be of the opinion that knighthoods are wrinkly rockers well past their best and certainly not our Bono... Another talented Irish / Englishman Morrissey recently said that he would never be offered a knighthood because of his song 'The Queen is Dead' and we're somehow reminded of the Groucho Marx quip: "I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member!"

Happy New Year 2007 to Bono, The Edge & even The Queen.

ShowBiz Ireland is an equal opportunities Web Site Begorrah!!!

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