Chili Pepper blasts 'sell-outs' U2 and Black Eyed Peas


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has slammed U2 and The Black Eyed Peas for allowing their music to be used on television advertisements.

The Dani California star finds it difficult to understand how bands can sacrifice their integrity by selling their songs to corporations.

And Smith brands U2 and The Black Eyed Peas "idiots" for letting their respective tracks Vertigo and Hey Mama be used to promote the sale of iPods.

Smith, 44, says, "I'm fine with getting our music out to people but I don't want to be on a TV commercial with some guy bowling and then music comes out of his phone. There's no artistic credibility. I'd feel like a jerk if we did that.

"I think Black Eyed Peas look like a bunch of idiots. It's dangerous.

"The U2 song on the iPod when it came out was weird and it was longer and it had more parts.

"It's dangerous to tie yourself in with a product and also the visuals that go along with it.

"I think young people, not old guys like myself, think it's normal now to have Led Zeppelin on jeans commercials. Oh no! That's not normal to me."

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i think theres a thin line between promoting your music and selling out...once someone crosses that line, their reputation is forever altered...counts for any artist or band out there..i think u2's ipod campaign is for the betterment of their idea for "innovation", however, i too agree that its dangerous for a band's image to let themselves be nearly exploited on tv for a new technology or product such as the ipod...i think in recent times, u2 has indeed gone a bit too far with their self-promotion, but when guys like them have reached the top, and theres no room left for expansion (at least publicity-wise), you do see these types of things occurring..u2 arent sell-outs, but they arent exactly pure and innocent either...they're making money and they want to continue making more money and if ipods can help them, then that is their thing...u2 isnt just a band still, its a money-making machine.

Vertigo promoting iPod was a cynical marketing ploy with two outcomes. The campaign allowed U2 to be exposed to a generally younger iPod savvy audience, and in turn iPod is promoted to the older U2 fans. By all means a very lucrative and successful branding and marketing campaign.

That doesn't make it right of course. I think U2 need to watch some Bill Hicks stand up comedy "any muso who sells their music to ads is sucking satans ...." etc. Or I think they need to read No Logo but Naomi Klein, or Adbusters and similar books to gain greater insight.

Plus U2 charge you to join their website. Gimme a break! Thanks Chad Smith for your comments.

How can they say anything right now....What are they trying to get the spotlight off them for their supposed plagerism...Hipocrites

U2 is touted to being 'the Biggest Band in the World' and I think they got there just fine on their own decision-making abilities. I have heard ignorance like this before saying someone is a sell out because they have done something someone else doesn't agree with. With everything U2 does for this world, from aid to debt freedom and most especially providing us with music that is so rich that no words can encompass its greatness, what is the big deal with promoting the iPod? Exactly who is Bono selling out to? Everyone with ears to hear knows what Bono and company stands for and I seriously don't think they are worried about being sell-outs. Chad Smith sounds like an angry man and maybe he needs to aim his anger at the injustices of the world instead of rediculous things like this.

Umm Chad, selling your songs to a car maker for example would be selling out, I think the Apple campain was more promotional than anything, a smart buisness move you might say. Until your band writes a song that is remotely interesting and does not contain the word California in it, then you maybe you slag off a band you are obviously envy of. Keep up the boring work your band does so well Chadster. Cheers.

mmmm well i must say apple really get up my nose big big time and i have bought evry u2 single except original of the species sorry apple will not get my did upset when the whole apple ipod thing happened with their special tracks if you got the whole box set listen mate i have all the songs already so there is no way i will pay that to just get that .stuff..........then.......this hurts i love the band love the songs........another i pod comes out with more exclusives what thw hell is going on! Now this stuff is their property and they can do what ever they want with it and i don t care if you made no money from it etc none of my business...........but why oh why do i have to keep buying apple i tunes products to get rare stuff that i would love to this stuff ever getting a full release cos until it does i will live without..........but then again if u can scalp opps sorry make money good luck to you
remember this is my opinion and i love the songs i can see why they invite such feed back from certain rhcp ....but i also feel they are entitled to do it anyhow ..all i'm saying i will not particpate until i feel more consideration is thrown at us long term fans

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