Rep. Green to meet with Bono at U2 concert Sunday

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By Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Rep. Mark Green, a U2 fan of '80s vintage and a lawmaker with an interest in Africa, plans to meet with the band's lead singer Bono to discuss HIV/AIDS and debt relief prior to Sunday's concert in Milwaukee.

Green, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in Wisconsin next year, said Wednesday that Bono's representative suggested the meeting. Debt AIDS Trade Africa, an issue advocacy organization co-founded by Bono which Green's office referred to, declined to comment.

The two men met previously a few years ago, in a discussion with other lawmakers as part of President Bush's AIDS initiative, Green Said.

Bono is a familiar presence in Washington, where he has lobbied lawmakers and presidents of both parties to provide more money to help fight AIDS, eliminate poverty and forgive debt to Third World countries.

Green, who taught high school for a year in Kenya in the 1980s, said the United States should assist Africa.

"We have to find ways of sowing seeds of hope in regions that have known a lot of despair," Green said. "There are ways in which we can help promote freedom and hope and hopefully prevent despair from taking hold in the future."

Green, a member of the House International Relations Committee, served as an elections monitor in Kenya in 2002. He's also traveled to Mali and Ghana with Save the Children and the Academy for Education Development.

Green, 45, joked that he'll have to ask his staff what to wear to the concert, because he hasn't been to one in 20 years.

"I happen to be a fan, although I haven't purchased lots of U2 albums recently," Green said, adding that his favorites were from the 1980s: "October," "Boy" and "War."

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I truly feel privilaged to be a fan of this man, (Bono) and the whole band. I can't even imagine not being a U2 fan. I know they have an up and coming fan base of "youngsters" My daughter is 11 and has gotten every kid on the street into this incredible band. I know this is currently Green Day's year to make a mark, and I don't mean any disrespect, but I just don't get it. I feel they make charitable appearances for the sole publicity of it, not because they care. Am I wrong?

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