McCartney, Stones, U2 and Madonna lined up for 'Live Aid II': British newspaper


LONDON (AFP) - A who's who of popular music including Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna and Prince are scheduled to perform this July in a massive successor concert to the Live Aid charity event of 1985, according to a newspaper report.

The event is scheduled to be announced by Irish pop star-turned development activist Bob Geldof in London later Tuesday, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported.

It said that a series of stars had already been confirmed for the July 2 event, which will take place simultaneously in London, Philadelphia and, possibly, other countries worldwide.

Names already confirmed also include British girl group the Spice Girls, whose original five-member line up last performed together in 1998, and the classic line-up of veteran British rockers Pink Floyd, the paper said.

Although the concert is being seen as a successor to Live Aid, also organised by Geldof, which raised huge sums for African famine relief, the purpose of the new event is very different, the report said.

It will be called "Live 8", and is timed to take place just before the July 6-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, of leaders from the Group of Eight (G8) industrialised nations' club.

Aligning itself with the Make Poverty History campaign, which is championing trade reform, debt relief and other development issues, the intention of the concert will be to raise awareness rather than money.

As well as the main concerts in London's Hyde Park and in Philadelphia, there were rumours of satellite events in places including France, Germany and South Africa.

The event is being organised at the last minute, according to U2 singer Bono -- also a noted campaigner on development issues -- who is helping persuade acts to take part in the concert.

"Geldof has been telling me 'no' for two years (about organising a Live Aid successor) and only finally agreed to it six weeks ago," Bono said, complaining about the pressure this had placed him under.

"Now I have to spend every spare minute hitting the phones to try to drum up support. American stars tend to plan six months ahead, not six weeks. It has been incredibly difficult," he told the paper

In a separate report, the Daily Mirror said that the Spice Girls, whose return has been much predicted in recent months, had actually been turned down by Live 8 organisers.

Citing a source in the BBC, which is to broadcast the show, the paper said the group were seen as too manufactured and not in keeping with the event's serious purpose.

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Apparently the Spice Girls are not performing at this because they felt they weren't the right type of music for this concert. Thank God.

Why distance Live 8 from Live Aid? They raised millions for Ethiopia with Live Aid. I don't quite get why Geldof wouldn't want to take this opportunity to raise money, not just awareness? Is it because there were problems with aid distribution or something else?

To quote Bono , "We raised 2 billion dollars but then we realized Africa needs thar each week. That was Bono adressing the U.N in 1999. Lets put the facts in Unless the whole planet donated that amount of money hardly did a thing. But the awareness did for that famine. With AIDS as a medical anthropology student I know it is really up to world leaders to end this thing called poverty


Subject: Proposed New True Love Free Trade Zones!

To Whom it may Concern:

The information I have just provided below I have send to U2 C/O Bono in hopes he may further the cause by trying to help stop Corruption and to gather Corrupton Funds returned to Canadain Government, to be used to create True Love Free Trade Zones in Third World Countries that are willing to stop Corruption for new Trade Zones.

These are only my idea's and suggestions on how I wish to do my little part to help stop Poverty in the Poorer Nations around the world.

Hello and I am so glad to hear that you are attempting another Live AID concert. I have a few suggestions for you to consider and I Hope you will also agree, to some changes. 1) I am thinking that if the name from Live AID 11 were to be changed to True Love for Humanity, this name seems to me is now right for the times and it may draw more interest. The idea I have is to start to realize how much we must get back to remember, how the Rich Countries of the north may one day be the Judge by the poor countries living in endless poverty. We must try to resolve these issues once and for all to give back to the poor countries as only a few Good True persons of the world are trying their best to deal with this issue. My self I am a True Canadian living in Toronto and I have been so hurt so much by the underground economy, right here in our Great Country called Canada. Right now I am trying to make our Canadian Politicians realize how we must now make the change to a better Truthful world. To close our eyes to the obvious is to allow a select few to harm our country as is happening right now in Canada.

Corruption is a world problem and with the formula as is now and lives strong in so many countries. Lies + Greed = Corruption with this formula we are all destine to a path of destruction to our own country and all other countries ever where around the world. My suggestion to try and stop this destruction is to start now and it already is late but we must do this like it or not. In our daily lives everywhere how much do we even speak the word Truth in our everyday conversions with others, yes maybe we hear in the Gospel if we go to church on Sunday. To change to a new Truthful world we must use the word True in our everyday conversions with family in business with even a new course on Speaking the Truth helps save our World. The way it is now as I have heard on the radio that if we lie you can enhance your career, wow that is how lying is now destroying our world as we know it now.

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3) The next suggestion is to have a True Love for Humanity Concert right here in my very close Park Downsview in Toronto Canada. Just ask Mick how much he liked to be here for Toronto in its time of need, back in 2003 when we went Through the Sars Problem. This concert could also be set up with the Church to have a Prayer Mass for the Late Pope John Paul 11 by the Present Pope, as it would be like magic to recall Pope John Paul 11 visit for Toronto back in World Youth Day here in 2002. Today I heard that a French Add executive was willing to pay back to Government 1.5 Million he received in Kick Backs for the Liberal Party after he has now pleaded guilty to Fraud Charges. These funds could be used to now go toward Canada's True Love for Humanity Fund to set up True Love Free Trade Zone in say the Philippines. I know that this country is in need of and willing to I believe to change to a truthful world as long as the Catholic Church is a big part of Bringing the Change.

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Corruption is running strong in the Security Monitoring Industry, the Construction Industry, the Web Dating Industry and also in the Modeling Industry.

Toronto has been in a Building Boom for more than 8 years now and with this boom you get a lot of Greedy Project Managers with Builders that close their eyes to underground economy just as long as Houses are built and completed even if quality is poor, that is just part of the way houses are today being built. Trades that are involved in Cabling Networking and security will do anything to destroy competition in working on the same project, such as has happened to me over the last 5 years.

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Dominic David Vetro True Love for Humanity

Corruption Funds Proposed to be Used for World Poverty

[email protected]

Coffin wants to repay over $1.5 M

Donald McKenzie

Canadian Press

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Advertising executive Paul Coffin leaves following his first day of testimony before the Gomery Commission on April 26 in Montreal. (CP PHOTO/Paul Chiasson)

Corruption Funds for World Poverty to help stop.

MONTREAL -- Paul Coffin, who pleaded guilty Tuesday to 15 fraud charges related to the sponsorship program, intends to reimburse the federal government more than $1.5 million, his lawyer said.

Coffin, the first person charged in the sponsorship scandal, defrauded the government of $1,556,625 between 1997 and 2002 through his Communication Coffin advertising firm.

The Crown withdrew three of the original 18 fraud charges against Coffin, whose firm was awarded more than $3 million in sponsorship money over the years. Coffin has admitted to pocketing almost one-half of it for doing little or no work.

Even if the $1.5 million is repaid, Crown prosecutor Francois Drolet said he likely will still seek jail time for Coffin.

"A custodial sentence taking into account the objective gravity of the facts is still on the table,'' Drolet said outside court.

"I try to keep my mind open for whatever new events might occur, including reimbursement, which was promised. After we see how these promises come to reality, I will reassess my position.''

Defense lawyer Raphael Schachter refused to specify what he will ask for when sentencing arguments are heard on Aug. 16 but said his client wants to pay the money back. "He has to finalize the details so he'll be able to reimburse the total amount the government is due,'' Schachter said. The maximum penalty for each of the 15 fraud charges is 10 years imprisonment but Justice Jean-Guy Boilard of Quebec Superior Court told Coffin not to worry about getting such a long sentence. "Don't be upset,'' Boilard said. "Most certainly, the maximum penalty won't be meted out in this case.''

Drolet agreed.

"Jurisprudence says that the maximum is usually reserved for the worst offender in the worst of circumstances and I think the judge's assessment that such is not the case is probably a very good judgment,'' the Crown prosecutor aid. Coffin was president of Montreal-based Communication Coffin when he was arrested in September 2003. The charges related to federally sponsored events that took place between 1997 and 2002, including automobile and bicycle races, festivals and ski activities.

Coffin's jury trial had been set to start June 6 before he decided to plead guilty.

In recent testimony at the federal sponsorship enquiry, Coffin said he falsified bills earning him more than $1.5 million in sponsorship income following requests by his friend, then-sponsorship boss Chuck Guite. Coffin told the enquiry his stream of bogus bills began to flow from the first day his firm was chosen as part of a select group of Montreal ad agencies charged with managing sponsorship files in 1997.

Guite and advertising executive Jean Brault are to stand trial in October on six fraud-related charges arising from the sponsorship program.

None of the accusations against the pair has been proven. Guite has told the inquiry that former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano decided which sponsorship programs were funded, while Brault testified the program was politically controlled but he didn't single out any one in particular. At the inquiry, Coffin helped shed light on alleged bureaucratic collusion in a scheme to create a lengthy trail of falsified paperwork and inflated bills for several files, including Jean Chretien's Clarity Act on Quebec secession.

Coffin testified that his firm earned $86,500 while fronting for Clarity Act work actually done by Montreal-based BCP, a firm with close ties to the federal and Quebec Liberals.

The inquiry, chaired by Justice John Gomery, is examining irregular spending in the sponsorship program, which was supposed to promote Canadian unity but has been accused of funneling millions in government contracts to Liberal-friendly ad firms.

Copy Right Canadian Press Dated June 3rd,2005

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