U2 Video Goes Down A Storm; Filming Is Hit By Lightning

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10.15.04 - The Mirror

by: Paul Martin

U2's 1 million pounds comeback video was almost destroyed by freak weather conditions, I can reveal.

The stars nearly cancelled their Vertigo video shoot when a sandstorm hit the set and wrecked EUR200,000 worth of camera equipment.

And just as they got back on to the set a bolt of lightening struck just 100 yards from where Bono was standing.

The band staged the shoot on a remote part of the Delta de L'Ebre, on the Spanish coast.

They had originally planned to film the shoot in Nevada where the atomic bomb was tested but opted for the change of location at the last minute.

As the band were preparing for the second day of filming, a relentless windstorm struck, throwing sand into every eye and camera.

Bono revealed: "We had every kind of freak weather condition you can imagine- the rain, the snow and the sandstorm." Video director Martin Fougerol was on the verge of calling the shoot off and saving the rest of the equipment when the storm suddenly diverted. The Edge added: "It was pretty crazy stuff. We thought we were going to have to return to Dublin without a video. It got pretty tough out there. Bono and I were sharing a tent and we couldn't come out for at least six hours."

In the spectacular new video, frontman Bono and the band perform as a helicopter flies around above the band, diving in and pulling up while they perform on a huge beach surface of the remote river basin. Crew members had to dig a huge moat around the outer perimeter of the shoot, offering protection from the sandstorm so filming could be completed.

Bono said the hassle was well worth it. He explained: 'We've made all kinds of videos over the years with uneven results.

"High-concept, story, abstract... but we've never done a video that has a graphic arts background and this is what it is.

"There seems to be so much clutter everywhere. Turn on music television and there's big cluttered sets, people walking round with clutter around their necks, great cluttered award shows, so this is our attempt to empty the frame."

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