Keanu, Bono and the Winona Trial

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11.2.02 - Eonline

by Joal Ryan

Winona Ryder keeps Keanu Reeves' phone number in her Filofax. Bono's, too.

Such were two of the educational revelations during an otherwise nasty day in the actress' non-uplifting shoplifting trial in Beverly Hills.

Day four of testimony saw Ryder's attorney rip into an ex-Saks Fifth Avenue security guard who testified Wednesday she spied the two-time Oscar nominee "sucking on her finger" in a department-store dressing room after slicing herself with scissors deployed to snip sensor tags off merchandise.

On Thursday, defense legal-eagle Mark Geragos accused the former guard of: (1) Making up the story; (2) trying to sell said story (presumably entitled "I Watched Winona Ryder through the Slats in the Dressing Room Door"); and (3) jotting down Keanu and Bono's respective digits from Winona's datebook.

But Colleen Rainey, who left her job with Saks in August, remained firm and denied everything--including Geragos' assertions that she threw something at Ryder and called her "a bitch" after the actress was detained by store security guards at the Beverly Hills Saks last December 12.

Ryder, who marked her 31st birthday in court Tuesday, is accused of trying to walk off with a pair of $80 socks and 20 other designer doodads during an unauthorized $5,500-plus shopping spree. She faces charges of grand theft, burglary and vandalism.

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