U2 in Eze: Wedding with Friends for Dave Evans aka The Edge

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6.24.02 - Nice-Matin

The guitarist/singer of the mythic band chose the village of Eze for an exotic garden celebration reports The Envoyer.

The secret was well guarded, however for several days before the wedding, rumors of the marriage were appearing on the internet: Dave Evans (The Edge), guitarist/singer of U2, would be celebrating his marriage in the Cote d'Azur and in Eze.

This information was revealed except for the date. But yesterday afternoon, all the signs around Eze pointed to a grand celebration: Bono's yacht was anchored at the edge of the beach in front of his large seaside villa; a line of limos had organized in front of the Ch‰teau de la Chvre d'Or; and a sign indicated that the exotic gardens had been reserved from 2 to 7 p.m. The newlyweds, who had already exchanged vows in Ireland, would appear at any time in Eze.

Later The Edge, who was wearing a black cap, and Bono were seen leaving a salon and also seen by tourists outside the exotic garden. Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen weren't far off. The bride, in a magnificent dress, was seen climbing the stairs [of the gardens] while the rest of the party was at the Ch‰teau de la Chvre d'Or.

Dave Evans and Morleigh Steinberg have been sharing their lives together since U2's 1993 ZooTV tour, for which she was a dancer and choreographer. The two met again yesterday at the top of the village of Eze. Thanks to the kindly cooperation of the village, the exotic garden was reserved for the couple and their 250 guests, friends, and celebrities.

Among those attending the wedding party yesterday afternoon were Bob Geldof, Helena Christensen, Dennis Hopper, Lenny Kravitz, and Quincy Jones.

The discrete alleys [of the village] and sunglasses couldn't conceal all the celebrities who attended, however, the ceremony in the garden was strictly private.

One could hear the murmurs of vows being repeated, which were most likely done because of the couple's deep religious beliefs. The Edge was christened in the religious group Shalom with Bono and Larry in 1980, which almost destroyed their rock 'n roll dream.

Around 7 p.m., the wedding party left for the gardens at the Ch‰teau de la Chvre D'or where more stars, friends, and many children joined them. Among them were David Evan's three daughters from his first marriage and the two children that he and Morleigh share.

The mayor of Eze, Noel Sapia, and the secretary general of the townhall, Pierre-Paul Leonelli, welcomed the bride and groom and congratulated them. For 8 months in advance, the mayor had kept the secret of the celebration.

Bono shared a joke with Noel Sapia. The mayor spoke of the singer's meeting with Jacques Chirac. Bono reassured him, "I'm not making any demands from the mayor of Eze -- but I have asked something huge of the president of the Republic."

Very cheerfully, the couple walked the grounds of the garden. A little later, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, who is a fan of rock 'n roll and the guitarist was entertained with a show. The wedding party, which grew to 350 guests, partied throughout the night.

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