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8.21.01 -

With U2 on tour, Bono had been flying home to Dublin after shows to visit his father, Bob Hewson, who had been battling cancer. A spokesman for the band has confirmed that Hewson has passed away.

Bono's father has lost his battle to cancer.

With U2 touring in Europe, Bono had been returning home to Dublin every night to visit his ailing dad, Bob Hewson, a 75-year-old retired postal worker. At recent shows, the lead singer had been dedicating the song "Kite" to the man.

'This Is for You Bob'

Bono first spoke publicly about the severity of his father's illness last week during a concert in Britain.

"He only has a few days left in this world. This is for Bob, you old tough-o," said Bono, who continued to dedicate "Kite" to his father at U2's subsequent appearances.

The song, which appears on the current release All That You Can't Leave Behind, reflects upon death.

I'm not afraid to die,

I'm not afraid to live,

And when I'm flat on my back,

I hope to feel like I did

Bono's loss comes as U2 is again at the top of the rock scene.

The group earned three Grammys for a song from their current release and continues to score hits from the album.

U2 is also selling out concerts around the world and is on track to become one of the most profitable tours in history.

"I can confirm that Bono's father has died. We don't have any more details at this stage," a U2 spokeswoman told Reuters.

The group will perform in London tonight and complete their U.K. tour despite the loss, according to They will then return home to Ireland this weekend for two sold-out concerts at Slain Castle in Dublin which holds 80,000 people.

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The song, "Kite," by U2 written by Bono in honor of his father, Bob Hewson, has had a healing effect on me since my own father's death back in January of 2005. I love that song. It is so true in a parent child relationship. My father was 90 when he died of congestive heart failure.
When Bono wrote that song for his Dad, he wrote that song so I could remember my Dad. The song gets lots of time being played in my CD player.
I occasionally cry when I hear that song.
Thank you Paul David Hewson for such a beautiful song.

I've been a U2 fan since Boy came out in 1980.
I was sorry to hear about Bono's father dying.
My condolences to him and his family.
My father passed away on July,4 2005. It was my
\parents 62nd wedding anniversary when he passed away.
Kite will now have a new and more memorable meaning in my life for now on.
Thank you Bono. See you at Staples Center Nov,1

Dear Bono
My name is Yvonne.I´m 21 and I life in vechta,germany.Yesterday I got the news that my mom has got cancer. My mom, how has always been the strong, tough woman. She always has done everything for me and my family. Two years ago her father died. He had cancer ,too. That was the first and the last time I´ve seen her cry. Even yesterday when she told me the news she put me in her arms and told me that it`s not so bad and that everything will be alright. I was just shocked i couldn`t even cry.Today I was listening to your song "sometimes you can`t make it on your own" and it helped me so much. It discribes exactly the feelings that I have.It`s helping me to cry. And i really want to thank you for this.I really wish I could help her but she doesn`t want me to. She doesn`t want me to go to the doctor with her or just to talk about it.I don`t know what I should do to make it easyer.Do you know it?Thank`s for your song! yvonne

I can not tell you what you and your music means to me! everthing that you stand for is what I believe in!

My sister lives in Dublin she is missonary at the Dublin Christian Mission 5&6 Chancery Place Dublin 7. Her name is Linda Harrison. Her Husband's name is Jon. They have been there for over 10 years now. feeding the homless and clothing the homeless. I have yet to be able to come to Irland. I so want to!
My name is Julie Nelson, I was at your concert at the Target Center, Minnepolis on September the 23rd. I was so Jealous of the two girls that got to be on stage with you. I wanted to be able to meet you just to say keep doing what you do!
I can not tell you I cryed almost throught the whole concert, you and the guys were AWESOME. It is the best thing that has happen to me in the year 2005.. My Mom has Cancer and I went through a Terrible Divorce, Now I am very sick as well going to have some test's done as I have some tumors in my body, You know your Song Sometimes you can't make it on your own is sooo true!! Thank you so much for being you.
God Bless you and your family! If you ever get the chance could you stop by the Dublin Christain mission and sign something for me and give it to my sister Linda.. and tell her that I love her..
Thanks. Julie Nelson
811 West Ridge Court
New Richmond, WI 54017

When my father passed away at 74, on Oct 15/2005 of lung cancer, a work mate sent me the following poem "Come to me" ... still a struggle, but words and songs like "Kite" and "Sometimes you can't make it on your own" help with the healing.

I was at the show in Ottawa this past weekend (Nov 25/2005), and it was awesome.


== Come to Me ==

God saw you getting tired
When a cure was not to be,
So He closed His arms around you
And whispered "Come to Me,"
In tears I saw you sinking,
I watched you fade away,
My heart was truly broken,
You fought so hard to stay.
But when I saw you sleeping,
Peacefully and free of pain,
I could not wish you back,
To suffer that again.
So keep Your arms around Him Lord,
And give Him special care,
Make up for all He courageously suffered,
That seemed to me so unfair.
So many times I've needed you,
So many times I've cried,
If love could have saved you,
You never would have died.

Hi Bono Iam only getting around now to saying sorry about your dad "Bob", Its a very hard thing to get over someone passing away in the family and in your case your father, It must have been really hard, I have a auntie that's really close to me she like something like a grandmother to me, She has always been there from i was a small child , In and out of the out " It Must be a Northern Irish thing" She's still alive but I am waitng for the day" She is suffering a i can't do nothing, she got throut cancer about 3 years ago and lost her throught box, It was removed and a year later she got it again on the throut,Again this year she got it again" She cant eat she has to be feed through a tube And i really feel helpless she's no the same I don't what i'll Do when i get the news" I guess That ill just listen to some U2 to get me buy and play with the band- the only thing that gets me buy if you's can get a listen to my band were cool,So i'll go and say a prayer for your self and your dad and mum there in a good place" Happy Christmas and New year 2006" Good luck.....
Marc " The Drums" Holden

hi,im martin boyle 23 from derry in N.Ireland, there has been many a time in my life were i wanted to give up because of someone close who has died but
i would never let evil succeed, god is present in my life at all times. There is a sense of
gods work in U2's music remember live aid 1985 the performance of sunday bloodly sunday that was the greatest performance i have ever witnessed. Bono's voice is outstanding one of the best singers i have ever heard and he alway's gives 100 percent to is fans.

Dear Bono,
when my grandfather died from lung cancer i was very sad because he was very close to me, but seeing that your mother died when you were only 15 and now your died, im so encouraged about how you keep going, and youll see both your parents again. even though sometimes you cant make it on your own...
With Love,
Mar H.

My dad passed away over a year ago in a very sudden manner with no chance to say goodbye. Though my dad was all that i wasn't,and we had a tough relationship, the lyrics sometimes you can't make it..its exactly the way you feel through this..

so sorry about Whats-his-name. Sorry about your father, bono...
U2 has been a huge inspiration to me
I hope this doesn't change the band U2


Dear Bono,
I just wanted to tell you that your music and faith has meant so much to me. I recently went through a breakup with my now ex-girlfriend and even though the pain and hurt was too much I always found comfort through your songs. Songs such as: one,walk on,stuck in a momement,sometimes you can't make it on your own,kite,who's gonna ride your wild horses,so cruel and 40. I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the band for making the best music the world as ever heard.
Thank You So Much!

It's very hard to lost someone! It's very harder when it's our father! He is better than us!
God bless him!

Hi dear Bono Vox,
Some fathers are proud and happy for his son. I am so sure your father WAS TOO PROUD and HAPPY for his son. You are a great man Bono, THANK YOU.
Susana Mirian

I love U2! I've been a huge fan for 23+ years! Your music has helped me at every stage in my life. Your lyrics continue to inspire me and move me. Thank you. I thank God for U2 every day, and pray that he continues blessing us with your music.

Dear Bono,
My family was at your Tampa show this past November and I just wanted to say that I love your passion for peace, love of family, and your positive messages that you send via your music. I was able to bring my two young children to your concert and they loved it. I love it as well- Thank you and God Bless.
Kelly Terebieniec

Well is a messed up many things can be going so well and then you lose the one of the people that mean the most. It’s funny we live with them for so long and know so little about them. I can't imagine losing my father but I do know what song I'll play at his funeral. SYCMIOYO is a truly amazing song, and I'm glad Bob gave you the gift of hitting that high note in the song. My best to the Edge, we're thinking about him for sure. I saw clips of you and the boys playing a small club in Ireland for high school kids. You were 16-18. It was so cool to see that at 17 you knew you were the best Rock Band in the world already. Take care, see you next time your in Detroit.

I have been a fan of U2 since I remember, I am now 53, have been married for 32 years, my wife Liz also loves U2.
Our children bought us the CD Vertigo for Chistmas 2004, unfortunaly they were not there to see us open it because they accidentaly died before christmas arrived, they were: Jessica 21 and Eric 26, my wife and I did not have the courrage to listen to the album for a year or more, but one time watching television we found U2 in a Chicago concert, that gave us the drive to listen to our childern's gift CD.
We know what is like to have a loved one die, the song Kite makes us cry. We want for Mr hewson (bono) to know that we feel his pain. God bless him, he is a good man.

Erick......2 Dogs

Hello there.

I am so sorry about your children... It seems it has been a couple of years since you post that comment in here but I am sorry for your loss. My father just died 1 month ago and Kite makes me remembering him so much, specially since we found out he was suffering from emphysema. From that moment on, I listen to that song in such a different way. I am a musician myself and I hope I can dedicate Kite for my dad one day soon during a gig. I wander how many people in the world is linked to U2´s music in a deep level.. so hard to imagine so many people sharing emotions for such great music. God bless you, your wife and your children. Enjoy life, no matter how hard it is, because death is just part of it and I hope it continues somehow, somewhere else. Greetings from Mexico City.

[email protected]

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