U2 Join Forces With Lara Croft

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4.9.01 - dotmusic

U2 have just made a state-of-the-art video for their single 'Elevation', which combines an evil depiction of the band with an appearance from actress Angelina Jolie.

Pop director Joseph Kahn is behind the promo, which was largely shot in Los Angeles at the weekend, and has made others for the likes of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys.

The track will feature on the forthcoming 'Tomb Raider' movie soundtrack in which Jolie plays a real-life version of the computer game heroine Lara Croft.

During the video the good version of the Irish band enlist Lara's help to rescue The Edge from the clutches of their wicked look-alikes.

After the guitarist returns safe and sound, the rival U2's set about competing against each other in a virtual street jam.

The promo's director explained: "The U2 as you know them want to save the world, but the evil U2 want to destroy the world."

Kahn came up with the treatment for the video himself but has spent a lot of time on the road with the group members to get their input.

Although most of it has already been made, Jolie is set to shoot her scenes separately in Seattle at some point this week.

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