U2 To Mount Indoor U.S. Tour After Releasing New LP

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9.11.00 - Sonicnet.com

Group abandons massive stadiums, coliseums for early-2001 trek.

Senior Writer Brian Hiatt reports:

U2 will follow the late October release of their stripped-down new album, All That You Can't Leave Behind, with a brief U.S. tour of indoor arenas.

The Irish rock group said it plans to approach touring cautiously this time around rather than mounting a massive outing like the costly Zoo TV and PopMart tours of the '90s that played stadiums and coliseums.

"We're gonna take it easy and see how the land lies," U2 drummer Larry Mullen said Thursday as he and singer Bono (born Paul Hewson) headed into Radio City Music Hall for the MTV Video Music Awards.

The tour is not expected to begin until early 2001, according to an Interscope Records spokesperson. While there are no plans to emerge from a giant lemon during the new tour, as they did in each PopMart show, U2 still hope to retain some of the light-hearted spirit of their '90s tours, Bono said.

"It was all about reaching out to the audience, keeping an open heart," he said. "We're going to have some fun, go indoors for the first time in years."

U2, whose lineup also includes guitarist the Edge and bassist Adam Clayton, were re-energized by the simplified process of recording All That You Can't Leave Behind, Mullen said. The album focuses on the band's live musicianship rather than the electronic add-ons that characterized the band's sound on its three most recent albums, Achtung Baby (1991), Zooropa (1993) and Pop (1997).

"We went into the record like it was Tamla-Motown," Mullen said. "It was an exciting record to make, and it should be exciting to take on the road."

Bono said his band wasn't worried about competing with rap-metal bands and teen-pop acts. "We are the men," he said. "They are the boys."

"Beautiful Day," the first single from All That You Can't Leave Behind, recalls the band's '80s sound and is beginning to get airplay on rock radio.

"The sky falls/ And you feel like it's a beautiful day. ... Don't let it get away," Bono shouts in the song's chorus, over the Edge's echoing guitar and rich keyboard chords.

In March, U2 released two new songs, "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Stateless" (RealAudio excerpt), for the soundtrack to the movie "Million Dollar Hotel," which Bono co-wrote. Neither song will be included on the band's new album.

The new album's track listing is: "Beautiful Day," "Elevation," "Walk On," "Stuck in a Moment," "Peace on Earth," "Kite," "New York," "In a Little While," "Wild Honey," "When I Look at the World" and "Grace."

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