U2's New LP To Be Their Greatest Ever

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U2's new album will be "the greatest record we've ever made", according to the band's bassist Adam Clayton. As yet there is no confirmed title, track listing or release date, though a spokesperson for the band did confirm, when contacted by Music365, that the album will be released in late summer.

Speaking in the new edition of Propoganda, the official U2 fanzine, Clayton said that sessions had begun a mere six weeks after the band's worldwide 'PopMart' tour had ended, and that the band have been in the studio frequently since last summer. The album will be distilled from around 20 pieces of music that they have been working on with producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.

Clayton said that, unlike with their last album, 'Pop', the emphasis has been on "trying to preserve the recording of the band as a unit". "I'd like to think that we are making the greatest U2 record we've ever made," Clayton concludes. "Bono already does think that!"

At the moment the record's working title is a closely guarded secret, though some working titles for tracks have emerged. Asked by Propoganda to talk about a new song he liked, the band's drummer, Larry Mullen Jr, nominated 'Bulldozer', while singer Bono offered the following enigmatic story concerning a song called 'Kite'. "There's a hill behind my house," he explained. "I took my two little girls up the hill to prove to them and myself I could be the perfect parent. I bought a large four foot by three foot kite - it lasted sixty seconds before it was taken out of my hands and crashed to the ground. The next attempt was taken off in a great gust never to be seen again... The third shot and the two little girls disappeared - I'm still there..."

Additionally, the album is expected to contain 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet', the lyrics of which were written by novelist Salman Rushdie, and the title used as the title of his most recent novel.

Also, as reported earlier on Music365, Bono has inscribed five lines of lyrics for the album on Jubilee2000's "chain of words" around St Martin In The Fields church in Trafalgar Square, London (see our earlier story).

Earlier this month the future of the new U2 album was put in jeopardy when Bono's laptop, which contained everything the singer had written for the LP, was stolen from his car in Dublin. It was later recovered and returned. See previous Music365 story.

Propoganda is available by subscription only. For further information, please contact U2 Propaganda, PO Box 5406, London, W7 1ZU.

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