Bono Has Found What He Was Looking For: Missing U2 Album Returned!

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BONO's missing laptop has been found.

The U2 frontman's computer, which contained material for the band's new album, was taken from his car in Dublin on Monday December 6.

But according to Irish newspaper The Star today, Friday December 10, they have reunited Bono with his missing property. The singer is quoted as saying "Everything I had written was on it - now the album is back on track. Thanks so much."

The laptop was returned by a young Dubliner named Paul who hap bought it for £300 believing it had come from a reputable source. The man, who didn't want his second name made public, had bought the laptop for his wife who is learning to use computers. He said: "When you switch it on a picture of Bono's new baby (Elijah) appears and as I'm the father of a three month old child myself it made me even more anxious to give it back."

Paul and a reporter from The Star met the singing superstar last night to return the laptop. Bono said: "Everything I've written since August was on this and I hadn't backed up any of it - so I would really have been a goner. This is like my portable brain - unfortunately I've got a smaller one so this stores all my information".

The singer offered to buy Paul a new laptop. The good-natured citizen also stand to pick up a £2000 reward that was offered by U2's management team.

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