Bono Says U2 Making "Beautiful Soul Music"

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10.6.99 - music365

U2's Bono has admitted the band have almost finished their forthcoming album, and that the record will be released early next year and he's hinted that band will turn their back on stadium-sized gigs in favour of indoor venues.

He has told the BBC's Radio 1 that the album, which the band are finishing off, is a collection of "beautiful soul songs".

And the star, who has been a vociferous spokesman for the Jubilee 2000 campaign for western nations to forgive debts from poorer countries, says the music has been an escape from the sometimes overwhelming diet of political and economic discussions. last week both the US and UK governments pledged to write off nearly $US9 billion in debt from poorer nations if the money is used to help the countries' infrastructures.

"It's getting a bit mad. I mean, I look in the mirror and I see a bowler hat and a briefcase. This is about the unhippest thing I've been involved in and I've been involved in a few un-hip things in my life!"

Bono says that the new album has a very band feel and will be well suited to live performances.

And he hopes the group, who have not toured since the 1997 PopMart tour, will be able to play smaller venues this time.

"These big gigs in stadiums, if they go right they're one of the most extraordinary nights of your life. If they go wrong they're a misery. With U2 I think we're great outdoors, but I think it's time to give people who wanna see us indoors a chance".

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