Various would-be song titles for Pop

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Here were the possibly rumored song titles for the album POP:

- Discotheque
- Wake Up, Dead Man
- Holy Joe
- If You Wore That Velvet Dress
- Hymn to the Universe
- In Cold Blood
- Super City Mania
- Playboy Mansion
- Miami
- When God Sends His Angels/If God Should Send His Angels
- Gone

All of these possible titles of new songs were mentioned in the "Faraway, So Close" book by B.P. Fallon, and the "U2 At The End Of The World" book by Bill Flanagan. Every single one of these songs were recorded at the same time as Zooropa, and except for 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me', all of them are unreleased as of yet.

1) In Cold Blood
2) Wake Up, Dead Man
3) If God Should(/Would) Send His Angels
4) If I Should Ever Lose Control
5) Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
6) Sparky's Left The Planet
7) Last Night On Earth
8) Nosejob
9) Untidy Life
10) Velvet Dress
11) Jesus Drove Me
12) Cry Baby
13) Indian Jam
14) Sponge
15) Landscape

Also, These two song titles appeared in the XPress interview as songs probably appearing on the August 'soundtrack' album:

16) Blue Room
17) Miss Sarajevo

Possible lyrics to "Wake Up, Dead Man": "Jesus, Jesus help me, I'm alone in this world and a fucked up world it is too...Jesus, I'm waiting here boss. I know you're looking out for us but maybe your hands aren't free. Your father who made us the world in seven, he's in charge of heaven, could you put a good word in for me..."

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