Excerpt from Bono on his stage persona

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Juice magazine, March 1996

"The stage is a platform show after all. All it does is make us look bigger. I think dressing up as the devil was great, and I enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I miss the old bird.... What we did with ZooTV was, again, just a way of stopping me being placed as one person, because you have to accept the caricaturing that goes on when you become a big band and have fun with it and create these alter egos. I mean, we were parodying it all, you know, these were other sides of myself: The Snake Oil Salesman, The Devil, The Mirrorball Man. It was a nice way of sending out decoys, because, deep down, I'm still a really nice guy. Honest." - Bono, as quoted in *Juice* Magazine, March 1996.

And here's what he calls his current image: "Returning form fat Elvis period, passing resemblance to Vladmir Lenin, on the way to Cuba to meet cigar-smoking women."

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