Bono's acceptance speech at the Europe Music Awards

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U2's Acceptance Speech as "Best Group," as given at the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards, November 23, 1995 at La Zenith, France.

Bono speaks, and references the recent nuclear bomb tests conducted by France in the South Pacific, tests which have drawn international condemnation.

Bono: "Well! Well, we didn't put out a record -- U2 didn't put out an album. We didn't go on tour ... that must be the trick.

What a city!
What a night!
What a crowd!
What a bomb!
What a mistake!
What a wanker you have for President!
What are you gonna do about it?!?
Tell me you're gonna do something about it!

Next year, let's not give this [holds up the award] to Jacques Chirac [French President]. WE - LOVE - YOU! [pointing to crowd]"

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